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You do hours of work in seconds, use these 8 ChatGPT prompts

You do hours of work in seconds, use these 8 ChatGPT prompts

1. Describe as though I’m a beginner

Maybe there’s a concept that’s crucial to what you’re writing or working on but that you still don’t fully understand. Ask ChatGPT to find an explanation that makes sense rather than wracking your brain trying to figure it out. Your entire project might make more sense after using this prompt, illuminating the path ahead. You do hours of work in seconds, use these 8 ChatGPT prompts
Here’s the assignment: In simple terms, explain [subject]. Please explain to me as if I’m a novice. Basic ideas, clear analogies, and unique approaches to demystify the subject should be covered in the sections that follow. You do hours of work in seconds, use these 8 ChatGPT prompts.

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2. Develop original content concepts

Maybe you’re just getting started with your content development adventure and you need some starting ideas that are platform-optimized. Ask ChatGPT to suggest ways to disseminate material most effectively so that it might become viral if you have a topic and a notion of your audience. Throw out the bad ones and carry the better ones ahead.
The prompt, according to Cheung, is as follows: Topic: How to [create a blog post that goes viral, go viral on Twitter] about [your topic]. For [Twitter, article, LinkedIn, etc.], develop original and creative content ideas that are atypical for this topic.

3. Take a test.

You’ve been studying a new subject, but you’re unsure if it’s making an impact. To pass an exam in school, you had to study and practice. You may now create that test using ChatGPT. Ask for a quiz to assess your current knowledge on a subject, identify your gaps, and determine how much more you need to learn. Or, request a quiz on a topic you don’t know much about, perhaps before you start a project on it, to set the stage and inspire you to master it.

Give me a brief quiz that tests me on [what you want to learn],” Cheung advises using it as a prompt. Be sure to fact-check, as the program has been known to stray from what is said. You do hours of work in seconds, use these 8 ChatGPT prompts

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4. Modify the tone or style of the writing

Think of a time when you wrote something and your mood came through in the tone. Or perhaps you sent a first-person bio and someone requested a third. This prompt allows you to quickly transform anything you’ve created without having to do it manually.

The instruction was to “[style or tone] the writing in the text below.” then enter the content and press return to view the updated version. Ask for additional adjustments if you require them. You do hours of work in seconds, use these 8 ChatGPT prompts.

5. Speak with an expert

Get ChatGPT to serve as your trusted editor when you know there is space for enhancement in what you have written. Ask for criticism from that point of view, whether you want it to assume the role of a lawyer, subject matter expert, or simply a proofreader.
Cheung asks ChatGPT to respond as follows: “I’ll give you an example of my writing. I want you to offer criticism in the position of [role]. Add your text after that, send it to ChatGPT, and prepare for its review. Ask it to revise the text keeping the passages you agree with in mind.

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6. Make it practice reading your writing.

You may train ChatGPT to not only recognize your writing style but also to provide its own prompts for writing in that style. And who could make prompts for ChatGPT better than the software itself? It will be educating itself using the self-guiding technique that yields the best outcomes, which is its preferred mode of learning.
This is the clear prompt: Examine the tone, voice, and style of the text below. Make a prompt asking people to write another paragraph in the same tone, style, and voice. The prompt that appears after you enter your text can be pasted into additional instructions so that they are written in your preferred manner.You do hours of work in seconds, use these 8 ChatGPT prompts.

7. Identify the target group and goal.

Let’s say you asked ChatGPT to produce some articles about a specific subject, but the content is lacking. Or suppose you wrote the article yourself, but you believe it could be improved. Here, more precise prompting can result in more detailed work that greatly appeals to your audience.

Indicate the target audience, tone, and objective within this prompt. As an example, Cheung added, “Audience: Twitter users trying to grow their account” to an article with the heading, “Topic: How to grow your Twitter following.” Tone: Motivating Goal: To give the audience motivation and clear instructions on how to increase their Twitter following. Now, without requesting any additional feedback from you, the wording will be revised to achieve that objective.

8. Include bulleted lists of lengthy articles

The majority of online material is just curating. The study and analysis were conducted by academics and philosophers, and we are now distilling those extensive studies into digestible chunks for our readers. There is a prompt for that, as there usually is work of this kind.

According to Cheung, the goal of this ChatGPT challenge is to “summarise this paragraph into bullet points that a beginner would understand.” After copying a few sentences from any supplied text, you will receive a summary. This synopsis can be used to help you paraphrase in a way that fits your style and platform, utilized to help you paraphrase in a way that fits your style and medium, whether it be for a social media post, a LinkedIn carousel, or just general use.

Don’t let writer’s block keep you confined to your desk, unable to begin, continue, or finish a piece because you lack motivation. Use these straightforward prompts to broaden your horizons, find fresh perspectives, and produce more frequently. Make it a habit to co-create with AI, and go in the direction of prolific output.

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