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Work Visa Process 2023 in Spain (Work in Spain)

Work Visa Process 2023 in Spain (Work in Spain):

Work Visa Process 2023 in Spain (Work in Spain) is Open to all international applicants who desire to get a work visa abroad. Check Finland Government Scholarships 2024 | Apply Online

Spain is a member of the European Union. Working in Spain has the advantage of having a lower cost of living than other EU countries. This is a significant advantage for new or prospective foreign workers in Spain. The various types of Spanish work visas available to foreigners, as well as the procedures for obtaining them. The Long Stay Visa requires a paid activity in Spain for at least three months. The Spanish Long-Term Visa or the Spain National Visa (D Visa) are other names for the Long Stay Visa for Spain. All work visas for Spain are initially granted for a period of one year. If you are still working and have a legitimate job, it will be renewed annually from within Spain. Check: TDTU Funded Graduate Scholarship 2023 in Vietnam

You will need a work visa and a residency permit to work in Spain as a non-European. Work permits are not required for EU nationals to work in Spain. As of 2023, there are 5.4 million foreign employees in Spain, accounting for around 13% of the overall workforce. This means that Spain can readily grant a variety of work visas. The complete details of the Work Visa Process 2023 in Spain (Work in Spain) are below:

Complete Overview of the Work Visa Process 2023 in Spain (Work in Spain):

  • Type: Work Visa
  • Host Country: Spain
  • Application Last Date: Open Now

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Types of Work Visas:

  • Spain Employment Visa
  • Spain Digital Nomad Visa
  • Seasonal Work Visa
  • Self-Employed Visa for Spain

1) Spain Employment Visa

This is the most frequent type of work visa in Spain for employees who have been offered a job by a Spanish company/institution/organization.

2) Spain Digital Nomad Visa

The Spain Digital Nomad visa is intended for any foreigner who works as a freelancer or remotely for a company situated outside of Spain. A University Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree is required for this Visa.

A candidate must additionally provide confirmation of a monthly income of at least €2,160.

3) Spain Seasonal Work Visa

The seasonal job allows people from other nations to work in Spain for 9 months during the summer. Agriculture, tourism, hospitality, logistics, and healthcare are among the industries.

4) Self-Employed Visa for Spain

This Visa is for those above the age of 16 who want to work for themselves in Spain. This Visa is identical to the Freelancer Visa.

Other Visas include:

  • Spain Student Visa
  • Spain Family Visa
  • Spain Au Pair Visa
  • Spain Retiree Visa
  • Spain Golden Visa
  • Spain Working Holiday Visa
  • Non-Lucrative Residence Visa

Application Requirements:

The following are the basic conditions for each Spanish work visa:

  • Receive a job offer from a Spanish employer.
  • If you want to apply for a Spain work visa, you must first find work in a Spanish firm, institution, or organization.
  • A job offer from Spain is not required for the Nomad Visa.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain has a list of required documents and application forms for each visa type.
  • If you have a Schengen Visa or a tourist visa for Spain, you can travel and work there. You can also apply for a three-year Spain Digital Nomad Visa from within Spain.

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Necessary Documents:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • Attested copies of your qualification certificates.
  • Proof of your financial stability.

Application Last Date:

The last date to apply for the Work Visa Process 2023 in Spain (Work in Spain) is not specified. Visit the link here: Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023 | For Youtubers Freelancers and Bloggers | Apply Online

Guidelines on How to Submit an Application for the Work Visa Process 2023 in Spain (Work in Spain):

Step 1: Apply for a work and residency permit:

Your employer must get a work permit from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office before you can apply for a work visa.

Step 2: Resident Permit:

Once the work permit has been approved, the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office will issue the resident permission along with the work permit.

Step 3: Apply for a Work Visa at the Embassy:

Once your work permit has been approved, you must apply for a work and residence visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your home country, which will allow you to enter Spain and work.

Work Visa Cost:

  • For USA Citizens: €167
  • For Canadians: €100
  • For all other Nationals: €80

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How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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