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US Agriculture Jobs 2023 | For American Work Visa Holders

US Agriculture Jobs 2023 | For American Work Visa Holders:

US Agriculture Jobs 2023 | For American Work Visa Holders is the best option for those who want to pursue their career in the USA.

In 2023, during a time of extreme skill shortages in the farming business, the US provides profitable work prospects for you if you have professional farming skills, and are skilled in crop cultivation, animal breeding, or other agricultural industries.

According to recent surveys by the USDA ERS, there are about 21 million farming jobs available, or around 10.5% of the total US labor force.

Due to the present shortage of agricultural specialists in the US, the government has decided to extend invitations to foreign agricultural experts, giving them the chance to apply for agricultural work visas.

You should familiarise yourself with the US visa for employment you would be applying for if you are interested. Here are some essential details to help you.

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Introducing US Agriculture Visa;

It’s important to know which US work visa is best for you.

There is a particular H-2A visa for agricultural jobs in America.

But a lot of people frequently confuse it with the H-2B visa intended for non-agricultural uses.

H-2A Agricultural Work Visa Request for the USA: Beginning at US $460 in Fees. Then find a US agricultural firm that hires under the H-2A visa program.

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The US Agricultural Industry’s Income Patterns;

Due in large part to a lack of skilled workers, the agriculture business in the US offers attractive salaries.

According to USDA projections, the median wage will be about US $96715 in 2023, up 2.8% from the previous year. The lowest paying agriculture employment gives roughly US $36K, while a highly trained worker can earn over US $104K per year, to give an idea of the wage range.

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List of US Agriculture Jobs 2023;

It’s vital to keep in mind that the majority of entry-level positions (such as laborers or crop agricultural employees) do not require educational credentials, only experience if you’re keen to learn more about the US farming business. However, the following list is for individuals interested in high-paying positions:

  • Wildlife biologist (Salary $107,644)
  • Agronomist (Salary $74,978)
  • Veterinarian (Salary over US$100k)
  • Agricultural engineer (Salary $74,345)
  • Agricultural economist (Salary $126k)
  • Geneticist (Salary $82k)
  • Farm manager (Salary $52k)
  • Horticulturist (Salary $70k)

  • Forester (Salary $49k)
  • Water treatment worker (Salary $60k)
  • Grower (Salary $26k)
  • Fruit picker (Salary $35k)
  • Ecologist (Salary $70k)
  • Harvester (Salary $27k)

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