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UK announces significant changes to GCC nationals’ visit visa requirements

UK announces significant changes to GCC nationals’ visit visa requirements

A significant adjustment in the visit visa requirements for residents of Jordan and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states has been announced by the UK government. The launch of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme aligns Gulf visitors and Jordanians with US and Australian visitors by lowering prices and streamlining entry procedures. UK announces Large changes to GCC nationals’ visit visa requirements.

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 for visit visas for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Jordanians,  the United Kingdom (UK) government has announced a significant adjustment to the conditions. it will be easier for inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Jordan to obtain visas and travel With these changes.
The UK government has chosen visit visas for these countries with an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) that is good for two years.

Enhanced Access at Lower Costs to the UK

Travelers from the Gulf and Jordanians will experience a significant decrease in visa-related costs thanks to the ETA scheme. They will no longer need to pay £30 ($37) for each visit; instead, they will only need to pay £10 ($12) to get an ETA.
With this change, Jordanian and GCC nationals must meet the same entrance standards as Americans and Australians.

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Easy application procedure using a mobile app

Through a specific mobile phone application, applying for an ETA is simple. A digital photo and biographical and biometric information, as well as answers to a series of questions on eligibility, are required from interested parties. The procedure is intended to be simple, practical, and fully digital.

Staged implementation for Jordan and the GCC

The ETA scheme will be implemented gradually, according to UK government plans. Qatari nationals will first be eligible for the program in October 2023, with the rest of the GCC nations and Jordan following in February 2024.

Additionally, the government plans to broaden this program internationally through 2024.
The UK government has a comprehensive strategy to digitize its border by 2025, which includes the introduction of the ETA program. This program aims to increase border security while enhancing the overall tourist experience.

Modifying Entry Requirements to Comply with Visitors’ Expectations

The ETA program eliminates the need for visas for GCC citizens and Jordanians, bringing their entry requirements into line with those for visitors from nations like the US and Australia. All foreign visitors to the UK will now experience a more fair and efficient procedure thanks to this adjustment.

The dedication of the UK Minister of Immigration

Robert Jenrick, the minister of immigration for the UK, is enthusiastic about the new ETA program. He emphasizes Jordan’s and the Gulf nations’ crucial contributions to the UK tourism sector.
According to Jenrick, the low cost of an ETA in comparison to other comparable international programs will improve border security and guarantee public safety.
Lord Ahmad, the UK’s minister of state for the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, is pleased with the UK’s cooperation with Jordan and the Gulf nations.

He recognizes the ETA scheme’s implementation, which he feels will encourage simpler, more inexpensive travel between the UK and these regions, ultimately fostering stronger business and tourism ties.
It is significant to highlight that travelers from the Gulf region contribute significantly to the UK economy, spending more than £2 billion ($2.5 billion) while they were there in 2016. The ETA program’s introduction will boost travel and improve commercial connections between the UK and Jordan and the GCC nations.

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