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Top 10 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in the United States

Top 10 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in the United States

Here, we short-listed the top 10 highest-paying tech jobs in the United States for those who are passionate about making a career in Software engineering. As we know technical elements in every industry are the main pillar. This is the good news for individuals in programming and technology. Now, you can explore the opportunities in big tech companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, and Apple.

No doubt the highly paid professions in the United States are computer and information technology. There is much growth in this occupation as compared to other fields. Every year there are 377,500 openings for projects.

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List of tech Jobs

10. Full-stack developer

Full stack developer builds up the elements for websites, mobile applications, and other computer programs.

  • Required Qualifications: Minimum of an undergraduate degree in computer science, software development, or software engineering. Full-stack developers can create web applications and manage the entire web cycle.
  • Skills:  HTML, CSS, MySQL, SQL, C, C++, Lisp, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, Oracle, Git, Github, Subversion, AWS, Heroku, Azure, APIs, Python
  • Average Salary: $126,102

9. Mobile Developer  

Developers can create mobile apps, and maintain and implement the source code for mobile applications. Mobile development is in demand highest-paying tech jobs in the United States. They can also able to develop apps, patch bugs, and troubleshoot codes for both Android and iOS.

  • Required Qualifications: Mobile developers have a minimum bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, management information systems, software engineering, information technology, or other relevant fields. Additional certification is a plus point for developers. Probably a few years of experience in programming is also required.
  • Skills: Linux/Unix, Python, Perl, Shell Scripting, Java, C#, Swift, Oracle, Apache, iOS, LAMP Stack, Ruby On Rails, UI, Cybersecurity, ABAP, Drupal, HTML,  Product Management, IoT, Agile, Lisp
  • Average Salary: $127,409

8. Data Engineer

Data engineers can operate systems that support data transformation, metadata, data structure, dependency, and work hold structure. These processes collect data and convert raw data into valuable information for data scientists and analysts.

  • Required Qualifications: Undergraduate degree in software engineering, computer science, or relevant fields. Certification from company courses like IBM, Microsoft, and Google is required.
  • Skills:  SQL, NoSQL, Python, Redshift, Panoply, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, AWS, Azure, Spark, Kafka
  • Average Salary: $126,737

7. Network Architect

A computer network architect provides input in companywide security in hardware and software decisions. They can design and implement computers and information networks, including local areas and wide areas. Network architects plan and execute the layout of cables.

  • Required Qualifications: A network architect must have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, information systems, computer science, or a relevant field. They have a good understanding of both business and technical skills and also have an in-depth understanding of network and security databases. Certification courses such as CCENT, CompTIA A+ certification, and VMware are a plus point.
  • Skills: Linux, UNIX, JSON, Ansible, Puppet, Python, Perl
  • Average Salary: $127,467

6. Software Architect

The software architect can develop tools and platforms that developers will use. They are also responsible for high-level design choices when creating software. A software architect can also set coding standards that others will follow. It is the highest-paying tech job in the IT industry.

  • Required Qualifications: A minimum bachelor’s degree in software technology, computer science, or information technology is required. The fundamental training is required to become a software architect.
  • Skills: UML, Java, JavaScript, C, Ruby, Python, C#, CI/CD, NET, APIs, AWS, Agile, Ansible, Azure, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure
  • Average  Salary: $137,430

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5. Enterprise Architect: 

Enterprise architects can establish an organization’s IT infrastructure and update IT hardware, and software. They create business architecture models and develop methods for compliance architecture, such as data storage, metadata management, and change control.

  • Required Qualification: An enterprise architect must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and five to ten years of experience in the IT field. You may also need a master’s degree depending on the company.
  • Skills: Cloud, Infrastructure, Governance, Azure, Digital Transformation, Roadmap, AWS, Java, Cloud Computing, Project Management, ITIL, Pre Sales
  • Average Salary: $142,567

4. Dataware House Architect

Data warehouse architects can develop physical and logical data models, prepare designs for database systems, and develop and maintain various database tools and scripts. Data warehouse architects may also define metadata standards for the data warehouse.

  • Required Qualifications: A minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, and electrical engineering. A few years of practical experience as a database administrator, software developer, and solution architect is required.
  • Skills: SQL, PL/SQL, Python, DB2, Netezza, IMS DB, Git, TFS, Cobol, JCL, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle,  JIRA, CRM, ERP, SCM
  • Average  Salary: $131,479

3. Site Reliability Engineer

Site reliability engineers can apply software tools to automate IT infrastructure. They develop software and systems that increase site reliability and performance. They manage large systems through code, which is more sustainable for system administrators managing thousands of machines.

  • Required Qualifications: A minimum bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, engineering, or a related field. Required administrator, DevOps, or IT operations focusing on software development skills.
  • Skills: APIs, AWS, Ansible, Azure, Computer Networking, DevOps, Bash, CI/CD, Cloud infrastructure, Distributed Systems
  • Average Salary: $155,517

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2. Back-End Developer

Back-end developers build, design, and maintain the back end of web and mobile-based applications. Which includes everything from the servers, application code, and databases. 

  • Required Qualifications: Back-end developer must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or related fields. Additional skills like programming or script learning are plus points.
  • Skills:  Python, PHP, JavaScript, Meteor, Node.js, MongoDB, Ruby, Java, C#, Laravel, Django, Spring, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Oracle, Apache, NGINX, Lighttpd, Microsoft IIS
  • Average Salary: $158,984

1. Software Engineering Manager

The software engineering manager is one of the highest-paying tech jobs. A software engineering manager hires, trains, and mentors a team of software developers by providing tasks and monitoring regulations and goals. Software engineering managers also build and maintain relationships with teams and clients.

  • Required Qualifications: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields. Deeply understanding of coding and five to ten years of experience as a software engineer.
  • Skills: APIs, AWS, Agile, C, C#, C++, CI/CD, DevOps, Distributed Systems, Design Patterns, Leadership and Management
  • Average Salary: $161,477




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