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Tips for IELTS Candidate to get Overall Band 8.5

Tips for IELTS Candidate to get Overall Band 8.5

Hearing Band 9

I initially used a variety of resources to practice online, but I soon found that these are incorrect, overly difficult, and occasionally had incorrect answers. I came to understand that the official IELTS Cambridge books are the only source I can rely on. These offer the most authentic formats and practice questions because they are created exactly like the official IELTS Exams (note from Liz – these books are past papers published by IELTS). The most important listening advice I can give is to read the questions in advance. While the IELTS exam format allows you to view questions in advance, it may not always be adequate (for example, in the final session). I would suggest using the “introduction of the section” time in addition to the reading time. Tips for IELTS Candidate to get Overall Band 8.5

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  • You can determine the type of response you will receive by reading the questions in advance (e.g., a number, a street name, an adjective, etc.). Of course, maintaining mental focus and concentration is essential. By practicing, you become more adept at the Listening test structure, accents, and improved focus.
  • The tricky aspect is when the answer to a blank appears in the audio much earlier than we anticipate. As a result, we must pay close attention to everything spoken in the audio.
  • Reading questions in advance to get a sense of what will be spoken may help you understand when an answer to a blank might be coming up because phrases are rephrased in the audio.
  • Eg. The audio may announce: The beach is covered in trash. Children playing or adults strolling on the beach could be harmed by this. Therefore, we require volunteers to clear this from the beach.
  • “Making sure the beach does not have on it” may be the test’s opening statement.
  • After the first time it is said, the word “litter” is never used again. Therefore, even though the lines are paraphrased, we still need to pay great attention to the audio and focus in order to locate the answers. Tips for IELTS Candidate to Get Overall Band 8.5.

Band 9 for reading

Use only Cambridge Tests once more for practice. I’d suggest reading a few questions first, then trying to skip through the paragraph to LOCATE the solutions to those questions. Search the passage for a specific word or a few specific terms that are unique to the question. Start with the first sentence because 90% of the questions make sense in that sequence.

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Tricky sections:

  1.  Yes/No/NG or True/False: If you’re unsure if the answer is False/NG or No/NG, consider rephrasing the question with the exact opposite meaning and seeing if that meaning is revealed in the passage. If it is provided, the response is False or No. If it’s omitted, the response is NG.
  2.  Comparable Details/Corresponding Headings: Read the paragraph in its whole, understand the main points, and match. Sometimes the solution is in a single sentence, other times the whole paragraph needs to be read. When a question is unclear or taking too long, skip it and come back to it after you’ve answered the other questions.

6.5 Writing Band

A poor score, but I can provide some advice. I completed EVERY PART of IELTS Liz Writing. Reminded yourself of specific words like slightly, barely, rose, and plummeted, and phrases like “number stood at X”, “number witnessed a peak of X”, and “number accounted for X% of the total”. Of course, this was for Part 1.
Apart from that, all you need to do to get at least a 6 is to follow Liz’s advice. I concentrated harder on the other three sections because I knew I wouldn’t be able to score higher than 6.5 in Writing. (Comment from Liz: At the bottom of this piece, I’ve given helpful advice for Writing Task 2).

8.5 speaking band

Actually, everything I had studied for the Speaking test was utterly forgotten. I had planned to use a few challenging words and long phrases during my speaking test. But what actually emerged at the moment was a casual exchange of ideas. I simply made an effort to talk as much as I could without pausing. In sections 2 and 3, the examiner always finished my answers for me; I merely continued to speak while maintaining a logical flow of thinking. I can recall using a few terms with a high vocabulary, but the rest of it is a haze, so I’m not sure what kind of syntax I employed. Have a powerful (but not shrill) voice. and express confidence. A smile is contagious! (Comment from Liz: For my free IELTS speaking suggestions.

IELTS Band Scores

IELTS band scoreIELTS Test Report Form

IELTS test report form

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