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Ten Most Paying Sectors for IT Talent

Ten Most Paying Sectors for IT Talent

Technology has quickly risen to the top of the priority list for companies in every sector. The IT department no longer has exclusive authority over IT roles. Every business unit is interested in the IT services, applications, networks, hardware, and software required to achieve company objectives and goals, and many of them are even hiring their own technologists.
Even though Silicon Valley continues to pay top dollar for IT professionals, the talent war has spread outside of the technology sector, with other industries competing for the services of talented IT workers who can support digital transformation, enhancement of processes, change management, and the creation of apps and service. Additionally, wages are rising in businesses like consulting, finance, hotels, and more as demand for tech skills expands outside of the technology sector. Ten Most Paying Sectors for IT Talent.

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1. Advice-seeking

Technology has emerged as a crucial instrument for decision-making, solution design, process improvement, and insight into company strategy optimization in the consulting sector. There are lots of openings for IT consulting positions, which assist organizations in determining technological solutions and plans for enhancing their hardware, software, networks, and other IT infrastructure. According to the Dice survey, consulting companies are increasingly looking to IT talent to aid in the development of internal platforms. Skills like cybersecurity, cloud computing, IT management of projects, UX/UI design, management of change, and business analysis are in demand.

A typical salary: $131,995 USD

2. Medical Care

The medical, drugs, and biotechnology sectors of the healthcare sector all depend heavily on technology. The demand for skilled IT and tech experts has increased as a result of the rapid technological advancement in healthcare settings. Since this sector deals with sensitive, confidential, and important data, there is a constant need for data and cybersecurity specialists. Software engineers, analysts of data, business analysts, information scientists, administrators of systems, and help desk specialists are also in great demand. Since there will always be a demand for tech professionals to support a critical industry, it is an industry that can also provide some stability for tech workers. Ten Most Paying Sectors for IT Talent

A typical salary: US$129,118

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3. Finance

As financial institutions have moved online, the need for tech professionals in the banking sector has only increased. Even internally, financial institutions like Discover have concentrated on developing IT and tech learning platforms to upskill employees and help overcome the talent shortage. Software engineers, data engineers, business analysts, and data scientists are in great demand as finance businesses attempt to develop internal tools and services for clients. Additionally, there is a drive for electronic change in the sector, with businesses aiming to combine cutting-edge and novel technologies while updating ancient finance systems.

A typical salary: US$128,571

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4. Software 

Given that it is a sector that completely depends on technology, the software industry is a perfect fit for IT employment. There is always a need for skilled IT professionals that can assist businesses with the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software services and products. The software sector encompasses a wide number of occupations, the most prominent of which are developers of software and engineer. Quality control, DevOps, support for technical issues, and sales of software engineers are also in demand. Project managers, product supervisors, cyber security experts, data scientists, administrators of databases, and software architects are also in demand.

A typical salary: US$124,071

5. Defence and aerospace

It should come as no surprise that the aerospace and defense sector has a strong demand for engineers in the fields of avionics, systems, artificial intelligence (AI), software, network, assurance of quality, robots, radio frequency (RF), simulations, flight assessment, and manufacturing. However, there is also a need for people in other technology-related positions, such as cybersecurity analysts, project managers, aerospace technologists, geospatial analysts, communications specialists, software testers, technical writers, and data analysts. The need for talented IT and tech personnel who can create, design, maintain, and execute sophisticated aircraft systems while assuring their safety and security is constant in this business. Ten Most Paying Sectors for IT Talent.

A typical salary: US$121,560

6. Goods for consumers

High demand for expertise has led to a significant increase in IT salaries in the consumer products sector, growing by a little over 14% since 2021. E-commerce, online advertising, management of supply chains, and developing mobile applications are knowledge areas that are particularly important to the customer products sector. Security experts, project managers, UX/UI developers, product managers, analysts of data, and business analysts are other essential roles. There is a need for professionals with expertise in supply-chain management, product optimization, customer service leadership, tracking digital and advertising developments, demand forecasting, and data-driven decision-making.

A typical salary: US$121,052

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7. Recreation

In spite of what you might initially believe, there is a lot of demand for skilled tech experts in the entertainment sector. The development of motion pictures, gaming, live events, songs, and television programs depends heavily on technology. Multimedia developers, video game developers, augmented and virtual reality designers, and production technologists are frequently in high demand. Since streaming services currently account for the majority of TV and movie consumption, there is also an increasing demand for streaming system developers. Project manager, security expert, web developer, data analyst, and systems administration are other crucial jobs.

A typical salary: US$119,921

8. Utilities and Energy

In the utilities and energy sectors, there is demand for a number of unusual job titles, such as SCADA engineer, solar energy engineer, smart metering specialist, modernization of the grid specialist, energy information analyst, energy-efficiency consultant, GIS specialist, storage of energy engineer. More conventional IT positions like project manager, data scientists, cybersecurity expert, RPA developer, IoT engineer, management of assets specialist, data center manager, and others are also in demand. Highly trained IT professionals with the knowledge and abilities to handle intricate and technological systems and networks are in high demand in the market.

A typical salary:  $118,498 USD

9. Teleworking

Given that the telecommunications sector is totally dependent on technology, IT occupations are a natural fit for the sector. A project manager, software developer, systems analyst, network engineer, security specialist, data analyst, RF (radio frequency) engineer, cloud technician, and consultant are just a few of the IT positions that are in high demand. There are many different work responsibilities available, and it will be difficult to find a job in IT title that isn’t related to communications. The average tech pay has increased by about 7% since 2021, which is remarkable for a sector that has always depended on technology and suggests that demand will only increase.

A typical salary:  $115,940 USD

10. Coverage

The demand for IT professionals who can assist in developing, deploying, and maintaining both inside and outside apps and services has increased as insurance businesses increasingly rely on digital services. Companies like Progress have invested in internal improvement programs to assist close the skills gap in order to fill the increased demand for tech expertise. Similar to the healthcare sector, the insurance sector handles a large volume of frequently sensitive and private data, therefore in addition to designers and engineers, there is frequently a demand for data and cybersecurity professionals. Additionally, there is a demand for UX/UI designers, developers, and engineers as more insurance businesses create client-facing apps and services.

Average pay: $114,522 USD

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