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10 countries with the highest rejection rates for Schengen visas

10 countries with the highest rejection rates for Schengen visas

1. India

A Significant Amount of Rejections With 121,188 visas rejected in 2022, India came in second place, resulting in an 18% rejection rate. Indian citizens had difficulty obtaining Schengen visas due to the demanding requirements and intense scrutiny during the application process. The high number of bans brought attention to the challenges experienced by Indian tourists trying to enter Schengen nations. 10 countries with the highest rejection rates for Schengen visas

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2. Morocco

Morocco had 119,346 visa applications denied in 2022, for a 15.5% rejection rate. To obtain Schengen permits, Moroccan travelers had to overcome obstacles like completing financial commitments, supplying sufficient documents, and proving their close ties to their homeland. The high rate of rejected Moroccan candidates’ applications resulted from these barriers.

3.  Algeria

In 2022, Algeria experienced the greatest rate of Schengen visa denials, with a startling 179,409 applications being turned down. This resulted in a refusal rate of 45.8%, highlighting the difficulties Algerian people encounter when applying for Schengen visas. Significant challenges were faced by Algerian travelers, illustrating how difficult it is to obtain a visa.

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4. Turkiye

India was closely followed by Turkey, which had 120,876 visa requests rejected, or a rejection percentage of 15.2%. Turkish applicants still had a difficult time getting Schengen permits, despite a small decline in refusal rates compared to the prior year. The visa application process is still difficult and requires thorough documentation and fulfillment of strict standards.

5. Tunisia

With 48,909 visa requests rejected in 2022, Tunisia had a rejection rate of 29.1%. Travelers from Tunisia faced considerable challenges getting Schengen visas, which included proving they had the necessary financial resources, had a clear reason for their trip, and had close ties to their homeland. For Tunisian applicants, navigating the visa application procedure remained difficult.

6. Russia

Russia experienced significant difficulties obtaining Schengen visas, with 68,753 applications being denied in 2022. The rejection rate as a result was 28.2%. Russian nationals were subjected to more strict evaluation and assessment during the visa application procedure, which increased the refusal rate. Russian passengers had challenges due to the rigorous restrictions and volatile social environment.

7. Nigeria

In 2022, 39,189 Nigerian visa applications were denied, with a rejection percentage of 45.1%. Among the top 10 countries, Nigerian applicants saw one of the highest rejection percentages. The high refusal rate was caused by a number of things, including insufficient paperwork, worries about possible overstays, and challenges proving one’s close ties to Nigeria.

8.  United Arab Emirates 

In 2022, the United Arab Emirates saw 42,105 visa rejections, which was a reflection of the difficulties that its citizens faced while attempting to enter Schengen nations. The percentage of Emirati visitors who had their visa applications rejected showed the challenges they faced, including onerous criteria, a lack of supporting documentation, and having to demonstrate their intention to return home.

9. Egypt

With 31,271 visa applications denied in 2022, or an 18.6% rejection rate, Egypt came in last on the list. When applying for a visa, Egyptian citizens had to cross a number of obstacles, including proving they had the necessary funds, outlining their travel itinerary, and establishing their close ties to Egypt. For Egyptian applicants, getting through these obstacles remained a big challenge.

10. Iran

In 2022, Iran received 33,679 visa rejections, an 18.6% rejection rate. Iranian citizens had a very difficult time getting Schengen permits, mostly because of political unrest and strict screening. For Iranian travelers, the biggest challenges were overcoming the strict restrictions and unfavorable opinions.

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