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10 Ph.D. Scholarships 2023 at the University of Stavanger in Norway

10 Ph.D. Scholarships 2023 at the University of Stavanger in Norway:

10 Ph.D. Scholarships 2023 at the University of Stavanger in Norway is open to all international applicants who want to pursue higher education abroad. Applications are accepted for Fully Funded Scholarships who want to continue their Ph.D. Programs. Almost all the subjects such as Humanities, Science, Technology, Business Administration, Physics, Engineering, and Law, are offered. Must visit: TDTU Funded Graduate Scholarship 2023 in Vietnam

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Complete Overview of the 10 Ph.D. Scholarships 2023 at the University of Stavanger in Norway:

  • Offered Degrees: Ph.D. Programs
  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
  • Organization Name: University of Stavanger
  • Host Country: Norway
  • Application Last Date: Open Now

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01. Ph.D. Degree in Petroleum Technology

Ph.D. position summary/title: Ph.D. Fellowship in Petroleum Technology

The fundamental goal of 3D-GIG is to build and validate a workflow for autonomous, real-time, around-borehole assembly 3D geological interpretation of logging during drilling logs, including deep sensing borehole electromagnetic logs, for the best decision support for good placement while drilling. This process lays the foundation for the automated updating of typical probabilistic 3D well-scale sector models in the future. The method eliminates the requirement for manual model administration during the real-time phase.

Deadline: 8th May 2023

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02. Ph.D. Degree in Electrolyte Chemistry for Lithium Batteries:

Ph.D. position summary/title: Electrolyte Chemistry for Lithium Batteries

We are seeking candidates who have a strong academic background, have successfully completed a five-year master’s degree (3+2) in the natural sciences, including courses in organic chemistry, instrumental methods in analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry, preferably recently, or who have equivalent qualifications that could serve as a foundation for successfully completing a doctorate. Although not necessary, coursework or other experience with electrochemical theory and/or methodology is a plus.

Deadline: 4th May 2023

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03. Ph.D. Degree in Healthcare Teamwork:

Ph.D. position summary/title: Ph.D. Fellowships in Healthcare Teamwork

In order to develop fundamental knowledge of the cognitive, affective, and behavioral team interaction processes and how these processes can be supported by cutting-edge technologies for teams, the Tools4Teams combines in-depth learning within acute and chronic healthcare settings. The primary objective is to train 12 highly qualified doctoral candidates in six European nations who will have in-depth knowledge and cross-disciplinary expertise on teamwork and health services, design and system thinking, and ethics, as well as transferable and networking skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and experience with industrial application.

Deadline: 1st May 2023

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04. Ph.D. Degree in History – Cultural History 

Ph.D. position summary/title: Ph.D. Fellowship in History

The position’s research theme is the human link with the ocean. Environmental history, history of knowledge, museology, cultural heritage studies, and/or public history should be the focus of the Doctorate dissertation. Under these frameworks, the post is available for a variety of issues, such as

  • Maritime museum history and/or present maritime museum practices
  • Heritage politics in the context of the sea
  • Cultural transition histories in a maritime context
  • Knowledge and ignorance histories in the maritime context

Deadline: 21st April 2023

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05. Ph.D. Degree in the development of biomaterials:

Ph.D. position summary/title: Ph.D. Fellowship in the development of biomaterials

In the context of vascular disorders, the Ph.D. fellow will be involved in the development and validation of biomaterials for the controlled administration of compound cells, medicines, and genes. Alginate is a well-known example of a biomaterial that is widely employed in biomedical applications, and all accessible alginates are derived from seaweed algae. Unfortunately, the composition of alginate in different seaweeds changes according to seasonal and growing conditions, making it difficult to generate alginates with uniform and reproducible structures. Bacteria produce a wide variety of extracellular polymers, including alginate, and can thus be used to make customizable biomaterials with preset shapes and reproducible features.

Deadline: 15th April 2023

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06. Ph.D. Degree in Physics:

Ph.D. position summary/title: Ph.D. Fellowship in Physics

The goal of this project is to keep a special focus on the potential signatures in gravitational-wave experiments that can be linked to a first-order phase transition in the dark sector. The candidate should have a good theoretical physics background; familiarity with highly coupled theories, low-energy effective field theories, thermal field theory, and dark-matter or gravitational-wave physics would be advantageous. The Ph.D. project will include analytical and numerical computations, as well as collaboration with foreign partners.

Deadline : 10th April 2023

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07. Ph.D. Degree in Petroleum Technology:

Ph.D. position summary/title: Ph.D. Fellowship in Petroleum Technology with the topic “Evaluating decision models – Fit-for-purpose models in a multi-objective/criteria decision-making/optimization setup”

The Ph.D. candidate will work on the project “REMEDY: Reduced Emissions and Increased Energy Efficiency on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.” The remedy is a business competence development project funded by the Norwegian Research Council and industry partners. REMEDY extends the traditional ensemble workflow to include an ensemble reservoir and emissions management workflow for managing and lowering CO2 emissions on Norway’s continental shelf.

Deadline: 6th April 2023

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08. Ph.D. Degree in Petroleum technology:

Ph.D. position summary/title: Petroleum technology with the topic Structuring decision models – Decision model framework/tool”

The Ph.D. project will focus on the workflow’s decision-making component by doing research that can be used to strengthen the fundamental/conceptual decision quality framework. The framework will be realized through the development and implementation of an influence diagram-based integrated decision-making system that allows for an intuitive and logical definition of the three important decision basis pillars, as defined by Howard and Abbas: what do we want, what are the alternatives, and what do we know.

Deadline: 6th April 2023

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09. Ph.D. Degree in the green transition:

Ph.D. position summary/title: green transition

The individual chosen will do research on responsible leadership in the green transition. The environmental difficulties linked with the climate and nature crises necessitate a reconsideration of what constitutes responsible leadership, particularly in organizations whose main activities must be phased out if climate targets are to be realized. The situation is complicated further by the fact that several of the methods for lowering greenhouse gas emissions, such as wind and hydropower, battery manufacture, hydrogen plants, and so on, are also sources of other environmental problems. Furthermore, the climate crisis and green transition raise new questions about social and spatial justice.

Deadline: 31st March 2023

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10. Ph.D. Degree in Materials Physics:

Ph.D. position summary/title:

Ph.D. Fellowship in Materials Physics: Materials for Green Hydrogen Production

Interdisciplinary research and collaboration in materials for hydrogen technology are undertaken within the department. We are involved in significant national and international initiatives that will provide the candidate with a solid foundation for networking and professional advancement. The current project is offered in the realm of green hydrogen production materials. Synthesis, experimental characterization of structure-property relationships, and/or computational modeling will be part of the research. The project will be focused on one or more of the aforementioned topics depending on the candidate’s background and interests.

Deadline: 30th March 2023

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Application Requirements:

To be eligible for the 10 Ph.D. For scholarships 2023 at the University of Stavanger in Norway, the following requirements must be met:

  • Applicants must have a strong academic background.
  • Everyone is welcome to apply for the award.
  • For doctoral degrees, you must have a master’s degree.

Necessary Documents:

  • A diploma from high school
  • Educational Transcripts
  • Passport
  • Short Resume/CV.
  • Reference Letter (if any)
  • Photograph (3×4 cm)
  • The motivational letter or Statement of purpose.
  • Study plan
  • Recommendation Letters.
  • Health Certificate

How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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