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06 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at Utrecht University in the Netherlands Fully Funded

06 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at Utrecht University in the Netherlands Fully Funded

06 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at Utrecht University in the Netherlands are Open to all International Applicants who want to pursue higher education abroad. Applications are accepted worldwide for this Fully Funded Scholarship to pursue their Doctoral Degree at Utrecht University. Utrecht University will charge no Application Fee. Apply Here: Citibank Job Opportunities 2023 in the UAE | Good Salaries

The Government of the Netherlands offers a lot of scholarships for International Students and the Utrecht University Ph.D. Degree Scholarship is also one of the best scholarships for the doctoral Degree Program. This Fully Funded Scholarship provides full financial support to selected candidates by Utrecht University. IELTS or TOEFL score may be required for Utrecht University if you do not belong to an English-speaking country. Visit NAFFCO Job Opportunities 2023 in the UAE | Apply Online

Utrecht University is one of the best Universities founded in 1636 and situated in Utrecht, Netherlands. Utrecht University is ranked 48th according to the Global Ranking of Universities. According to the QS World Ranking Of Universities, the ranking of this University is 107th Number. Utrecht University is an international standard University providing Quality environments to Researchers worldwide. Never miss this chance for a Doctoral Degree in Utrecht University. Full Details of Ph.D. Degrees are below lines:

Complete Overview of 06 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships in the Netherlands:

  • Offered Degrees: Ph.D.
  • Fellowship Award: Fully Funded
  • University Name: Utrecht University
  • Host Country: Netherlands
  • Application Last Date: Open Now

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01- Three PhD positions in AI for the Life Sciences:

You will create a way in this project to comprehend the relationships between plant root systems and the microbiome that goes along with them. The project’s goal is to look into the basic ideas that govern how complex microbial communities form on plant roots to get knowledge that will help our crops grow and be more resilient to stress. Your task will entail analyzing intricate synthetic communities made up of several microbes derived from various plants. These communities display a range of functional traits that have an impact on plant phenotypic outcomes. You’ll assess how certain functional traits, like catabolic pathways, and community network traits, like microbial cross-feeding and competition, affect the development of the root-associated microbiome and, ultimately, plant production.

Deadline: 2nd October 2023

Apply Here

02- Ph.D. position on novel approaches to eradicate mobile genetic elements encoding antimicrobial resistance:

In this Ph.D. position, you will work with Dr. Apostolos Liakopoulos’ research team to design and evaluate fresh methods for eliminating mobile genetic components that encode antimicrobial resistance (AMR), building on our prior research. The group will provide you with a supportive research environment and first-rate facilities at its location in the Microbiology section of the Biology Department. Since the emergence and spread of AMR among pathogenic bacteria are an increasing worldwide hazard, your project will be of the utmost relevance. By 2050, it is projected to cause 10 million deaths annually and a 3.5% decline in GDP. Unfortunately, there aren’t many novel antimicrobial agents being developed right now.

Deadline: 13th September 2023

Apply Here

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03- Fully funded PhD position in Global river morphology classification:

There is an open, fully funded PhD position available at the Department of Physical Geography. The goal of this research is to employ remote sensing to analyze global patterns and classify rivers globally based on their morphology. It gives you a great deal of freedom in planning and carrying out your research. The global distribution of river morphologies has not been mapped, despite substantial research on the factors that influence river shape and patterns. We may now pursue this study objective thanks to recent developments in automated mapping and quantitative analysis of satellite data. Characterizing river patterns, looking into potential causes, and quantifying the results on a worldwide scale are the key goals of this study.

Deadline: 30th September 2023

Apply Here

04- PhD candidate or Postdoctoral researcher Prevention of Occupational Diseases:

A time when illnesses brought on by employment exposures are unheard of. Your research as a PhD candidate or postdoctoral scholar can help to achieve this goal. Together with devoted and knowledgeable coworkers, you will work towards a healthier future. You will also have many possibilities to take the initiative and add depth to research projects. We are searching for two to three researchers to bolster our team for the research plan of the upcoming Dutch National Competence Centre for Occupational Diseases (LEXCES external link). According to estimates, 3,000 individuals each year in the Netherlands passed away as a result of being exposed to dangerous substances at work.

Deadline: 31s October 2023

Apply Here

05- PhD position in Solid Earth Geophysics (4 years):

To identify mantle plumes in seismic images, the Department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University is looking for an enthusiastic applicant. Plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are all caused by mantle convection. At the Earth’s surface, some cues suggest that small, hot ‘plumes’ may be rising from the crust to the core and may be a crucial element of this convection. Despite being our most effective instrument for mapping the 3-D structure of the deep interior of the Earth, seismology has not been able to produce clear images of mantle plumes. The essential query that this study will address is “Do plumes exist, and if so, where?” To integrate data and modeling from many sources, you will create cutting-edge machine-learning tools.

Deadline: 1st September 2023

Apply Here

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06- PhD position on Harnessing the Potato Soil Microbiome Potential for Crop Resilience:

Join the brand-new research organization CropXR! The goal of our program, which has a 96 million euro budget for the next ten years, is to create extra Resilient (XR) crops for long-lasting agriculture. Innovative “smart breeding methods” combine plant biology, simulation modeling, and artificial intelligence to create crop types that are less reliant on chemical crop protection and more tolerant to climate change. Four universities, and hundreds of plant breeding, biotech, and processing industries work together in our interdisciplinary project. We collaborate to advance agronomy and plant breeding applications as well as basic scientific research, data collection, and sharing, teaching, and research.

Deadline: 15th September 2023

Apply Here

How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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