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10 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at ETH Zurich in Switzerland Fully Funded

10 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at ETH Zurich in Switzerland Fully Funded

10 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at ETH Zurich in Switzerland are Open right now for all International applicants who want to pursue their Doctoral Degree abroad. Applications are accepted from all over the world for Fully Funded Scholarships who want to pursue their career in different fields with completely free Projects Ph.D. at ETH Zurich. Also, Visit: 06 Postdoctoral International Fellowships at the University of Helsinki in Finland

The Government of Switzerland offers a lot of Scholarships for International Students and ETH Zurich Scholarships are also one of the best scholarships for the Postgraduate Degree Program. The Fully and Partially Funded Scholarship provides a Tuition Fee Waiver during Study in Switzerland. Apply for: Jobs opportunities in the UAE from World Security with salaries of up to 9,000 dirhams.

ETH Zurich is one of the best Universities founded in 1855 and situated in  Zürich, Switzerland. ETH Zurich  is ranked 29th according to the Global Ranking of Universities. According to the QS World Ranking Of Universities, the ranking of this University is 07th Number. ETH Zurich is an international standard University providing Quality environments to Researchers worldwide. Never miss this opportunity to study for free in Switzerland. Full Details of the Ph.D. Scholarships are in the below lines:

Details of 10 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at ETH Zurich in Switzerland:

  • Name of University: ETH Zurich
  • Offered Degree: Ph.D.
  • Eligibility: International
  • Country: Switzerland
  • No. of Positions: 10
  • Deadline: Open Now

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 (01) SNSF Sinergia Research Project:

The whole study will contribute to the discovery of risk and resiliency factors for child well-being after parental union breakdown in Switzerland and focuses on post-separation custody arrangements and their influence on children. This interdisciplinary project investigates the interdependent effects of four key dimensions on child well-being: socio-structural (social disparities within and between families), interpersonal (interpersonal interactions among members of the family), spatial (housing-mobility arrangements), and legal (legal rules and court decisions), building on the findings of social demographics, the field of psychology, architecture and housing research, and law. Prof. Dr. Elli Mosayebi, Professor of Architecture and Design, at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, is in charge of the position. You will work specifically on the study on architecture and housing that Prof. Dr. Jolle Darwiche, of the University of Lausanne, is co-supervising.

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(02) Ph.D. positions in nutritional breath metabolomics:

Although dietary interventions help control food intolerances, which are a key contributing factor to functional gastrointestinal diseases, accurate diagnosis is necessary for successful therapy. As a proof-of-concept for potential future use of this technology in the diagnosis of food intolerance, this interdisciplinary project will examine the molecular makeup of human exhaled breath as a potential source of biomarkers reporting on the clinical traits associated with lactose malabsorption (LM) (Lactobreath profiles). The identified breath biomarkers, such as genetic polymorphisms controlling the expression of the lactase gene, breath hydrogen, and lactose-derived urinary metabolites, will be examined in relation to symptoms of lactose malabsorption, typical diet, and clinical traits connected to lactose malabsorption. Colonic gases and metabolic characteristics linked to lactose malabsorption, such as last breath profiles, will be studied in a mechanistic way.

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(03) Ph.D. in Multiscale Response of Skin to mechanical stressors:

Researchers in cell biology, skin mechanics, and biomaterials are working together across disciplines on this project to get new knowledge of the tissue-level response to mechanical stimuli and apply it to clinical settings. The doctoral student in the Tibbitt group will concentrate on the creation, assessment, and application of 3D biomaterials that serve as physiologically and mechanically accurate representations of dermal skin tissue. They will also integrate these materials into bioreactors and characterize the resulting biological response. The objective is to create a 3D in vitro system that can control each physical state variable of the cell microenvironment in vitro while simulating ex vivo settings. Working closely with the Werner group, D-BIOL, and the Mazza group (D-MAVT, ETHZ) is requiring you.

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(04) Ph.D. position in Geobiology and Microbiology of Extreme Environments:

The Ph.D. thesis will look at how subsurface microbial and viral ecosystems are impacted by seismic activity and oxidative stress. You should be interested in microbial evolution in severe environments, and you should have a solid background in geobiology, environmental microbiology, computational biology, or a similar field. Metagenomic/metatranscriptomic/metaproteomic analyses, subterranean field studies at the Bedretto subterranean Lab’s Deep Life Observatory, and microbial enrichment experiments are some of the experimental and computational components of this research.

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(05) Ph.D. in Device Engineering for Efficient Microbiology:

Biological research, drug discovery, and personalized treatment are being transformed by microtissues, including organoids and spheroids. We may now understand disease pathways and find possible therapeutic compounds for cancer patients thanks to histological studies of microtissues. However, because it is challenging to place heterogeneous and complicated microtissues for effective processing, the histology of these models continues to be extremely wasteful, time-consuming, and expensive. This technique uses acoustofluidics to arrange microtissues inside of a gel embedding media in an effort to overcome this constraint. We will create a tool for situating the microtissues as well as the related lab equipment needed to speed up the procedure and include it in current histology procedures. In both basic and applied research as well as medical treatment, microtissue processing is very important.

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(06) Ph.D. position Re-engineering informal construction through circular practices and models:

This Ph.D. position at the School of Built Environment and Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa will focus on circular practices in informal construction. It is sponsored by the Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture (CEA) at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. To join our team working on creating material passports for low-income economies in the context of re-engineering informal construction through circular practices and models, we are looking for a highly motivated and competent Ph.D. researcher. You will be in charge of doing research and creating strategies for the development and use of tangible passports in vulnerable communities in South Africa.

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(07) Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral Positions on the Application of Large Language Models in Marketing:

The job’s primary concentration is on research, with a goal of publication in prestigious international journals. We are open to related topics, but research should build on the chair’s considerable track record in the fields of data science and chatbots. While the PostDoc post comprises teaching one course per year (for example, electives for master’s or Ph.D. students, where one course is 90 minutes of instruction each week in English), the Ph.D. role entails helping the chair with administrative duties and teaching.

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(08) Ph.D. candidate for developing new concepts for automatically detecting de-energized overhead lines:

We are seeking exceptional, highly driven individuals who are interested in conducting Ph.D. research on new ideas for automatically determining whether overhead lines for electric trains or trucks are energized. There are always regions without electrification, such as for shunting and loading, even in railway grids with a high level of electrification to reduce CO2 emissions. To prevent costly damage to the pantograph/overhead line and the ensuing outages of locomotives, the pantograph linking the locomotive to the overhead line must be handled correctly at transition points between energized and de-energized areas when running locomotives in both zones. To prevent harming the pantograph or overhead line, you should create an automatic detection system for the transition sites between energized/de-energized overhead wires for your Ph.D. thesis.

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(09) Ph.D. position in emerging black soldier flies biowaste processing:

You should investigate dynamic and heterogeneous rearing settings that lead to the optimization of higher-value products, such as lauric acid, chitin, or melanin. The goal is to create a dynamic growth model that forecasts rearing circumstances for the best waste management and high-value product output. In the end, it is anticipated that the findings will deepen our understanding of this innovative process and support the creation of useful tools. The study will be finished as part of the ETH Zurich, Eawag, and Singapore-ETH Centre partnership on black soldier fly research. The project background should be viewed as a general outline that can be customized and changed depending on the applicant’s background and areas of interest. You will be in charge of doing research as a doctoral candidate to advance.

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(10) Ph.D. in the role of biogenic macromolecules for ice nucleation of fertile soils:

Even though they make up a very small portion of the atmospheric aerosol, ice-nucleating particles (INPs) are crucial players in cloud processes, including precipitation generation, as they start the ice phase in clouds. Although mineral particles are likely the most significant and well-researched sort of atmospheric INPs, there are still significant unknowns that make it impossible to forecast with any degree of accuracy when ice crystals will develop on them. It has been determined that a variety of factors affect their freezing temperatures. These include particle size, interactions with solutes and water, adsorption of organic molecules, and freezing mode in addition to mineral type. However, some of these characteristics appear to be exclusive to certain mineral kinds and not to be important generally. As a result, attempts to generalize them to all varieties of mineral INPs yield inconsistent findings.

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How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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