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New UK Visa Rules for Students, Workers, and Caregivers 2024

New UK Visa Rules for Students, Workers, and Caregivers 2024

The Government of the UK implements new Visa rules for foreigners here we discuss the impacts of visa regulations on Students, Workers, and Caregivers. Now studying in the UK is easier than before because the changes benefit students. Although these changes are challenges for workers depend upon professions. The purpose of the visa change rule is to address visa abuse and reduce net migration. Check also Dali University CSC Scholarship 2024 in China Fully Funded

New Visa Rules for Students

With the new visa rules, studying in the UK for international students has become easier than before due to streamlined application processes and expanded visa categories. However, there is a financial barrier due to requirements of tuition fees, living costs, and proof of funds. This may affect the affordability of some students.

According to the new visa policy post-study students can live and work in the UK after completing their degree in the UK. The new visa rule aims to develop the interest of international students to study and seek the opportunities in UK.

New Visa Rules for Foreign Caregivers

There are new requirements and conditions for caregiver workers such as domestic workers, healthcare professionals, or childcare providers. According to new visa rules for foreigners, there will be no longer family reunifications. From March 11, 2024, foreign caregivers of health and care workers will be ineligible for spouses to their parents or children in the UK. Care provider workers in England must now register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

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The Government is focusing on domestic careers by improving a national career path and qualifications. Now the care provider in England acts as spousing migrants must register their selves with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

New Visa Rules for Skill Workers

The new visa rules can impact the eligibility criteria, application process, and rights of workers coming for employment in the UK. However, the salary of incoming skilled workers is rising to 48%, while the minimum income requirement for family visas is increasing up to £29,000 in April 2024, it will further increase to £38,700 by early 2025. The UK Government also raised the minimum required income to sponsor a family member.

Overall Impacts 

The UK Government wants to improve the immigration policy to make them more ethical and sustainable immigration system. The new visa regulations have significant impacts on the UK immigration process. However, the impact on care providers, students, and skilled workers is most considerable.

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