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List of Best Countries to Work in Europe | With Working Hours

List of Best Countries to Work in Europe | With Working Hours

The List of Best Countries to Work in Europe With Working Hours insights is given below as the amount of time you spend at work can have a major effect on your ability to maintain an appropriate balance between work and personal life. The working hours of European citizens between the ages of 20 and 64 were recently examined in a study from the European Statistical Office, or Eurostat. In this blog post, all the insights into working hours are discussed briefly to make it easy for you to choose the country for work that matches your lifestyle. Visit Here: GKS Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarship 2023 in South Korea

These opinions of European working hours may guide you towards a location that fits with your way of life. Europe offers a wide range of possibilities to fit your career goals, whether you like shorter workweeks or are happy with a bit more hustle. Also, Visit: 

Overview of Working Hours of Different Countries in Europe:

  • Host Region: Europe
  • Countries With Shortest Working Hours: Netherlands & Denmark
  • Countries with Longest Working Hours: Greece & Poland

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Countries with the Shortest Working Hours:

  • The Netherlands:

The Netherlands, where employees put in an average of just 33.2 hours a week, is on the top of the list of nations with the shortest workweeks. Germany, where people work 35.3 hours a week, closely follows the Netherlands in its commitment to balancing work and family life.

  • Denmark:

With only a ten-minute difference, Denmark makes the top three, with an average weekly work week of 35.4 hours.

  • Other countries with shorter working hours:
    • Norway Working Hours 35.5
    • Estonia Working Hours 38
    • Austria Working Hours 36
    • Switzerland Working Hours 36
    • Finland Working Hours 36.2
    • Belgium Working Hours 36.9
    • Ireland Working Hours 36.9
    • France Working Hours 37.4
    • Italy Working Hours 37.4
    • Spain Working Hours 37.8
    • Luxembourg Working Hours 38.1

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Countries with the Longest Working Hours:

  • Greece and Poland:

Greece, with a demanding 41-hour workweek, takes the top spot in Europe for working hours, same as Poland (40.2).

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  • Other countries with longer working hours:
    • Poland Working Hours 40.2
    • Romania Working Hours 40.2
    • Bulgaria Working Hours 40.2
    • Portugal Working Hours 39.9
    • Czechia Working Hours 39.8
    • Slovenia Working Hours 39.6
    • Croatia Working Hours 39.6
    • Hungary Working Hours 39.6
    • Slovakia Working Hours 39.6
    • Lithuania Working Hours 39.2
    • Latvia Working Hours 39

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