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Government Hajj Scheme 2022 | Hajj Applications 2022 Open in Pakistan

Government Hajj Scheme 2022 | Hajj Applications 2022 Open in Pakistan:

The most awaited and religious event for Muslims, the Hajj, is set to begin in the next two months. Hajj has been resumed for international pilgrims in recent years due to global epidemics. This year, the Saudi government allowed other countries to perform the Hajj. Here are all the details about the Hajj quota for Pakistan by the Saudi government. Also Check: NESPAK Foundation Jobs 2022 Apply Online in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has got a quota of 81,132 pilgrims this year. According to the federal government of Pakistan, 40% of this quota will be for the government and 60% for private travelers and tour agencies. The total cost is expected to be between Rs.7 lac to 10 Lac ( 0.7 m – 1 M) approximately.

Instructions and conditions for Hajj 2022 (1443 AH)
(Government Hajj Scheme):

Before completing the online registration form, read and understand the necessary instructions and eligibility requirements so that your application is not rejected due to any mistake.

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Online Registration for Hajj 2022 AH 1443 AH: Online registration for the convenience of Hajj pilgrims will start from May 1, 2022. Under which pilgrims can register their data sitting at home. After completing the online application, the token amount amounting to Rs. Receive a receipt from the bank upon receipt of the application along with the dues. Otherwise, the registration process will not be completed. However, keep in mind that the actual obligations of Hajj can be from 7 to 1 million. However, for those pilgrims who are unable to apply online, the authorized bank will provide this facility to them from July 5.

Selection Procedure:

This year Hajj candidates will be selected from the applications submitted in a transparent manner through a “lottery” and this will be on the basis of a “lottery” group. In case of the success/failure of the group, the whole group will be successful / fail.

Prerequisites for applying for Hajj:

(1) According to Saudi teachings, the upper age limit for pilgrims is 65 years (date of birth after 15 August 1957).

(2) Only those Pakistani Muslims who have a valid identity card issued by NADRA and Pakistani valid machine-readable international passports valid till 05-01-2023 can apply under this scheme. Submit your Pakistani machine-readable international passport along with the Hajj application to the concerned bank manager. Do not send passports directly to the Ministry.

(3) All applicants will be eligible to apply under the Government Hajj Scheme, provided they have not performed Hajj under the Government Hajj Scheme in the last five years (2015 to 2019).

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(4) Women of any age are not allowed to travel for Hajj without a shar’i mahram. However, women of 45 years of age or above can apply for Hajj without a Muharram, but it is necessary for them to include themselves in a group of Jaffaria jurisprudence. (Shariah Muharram: Husband, father, brother, Son, grandfather, grandfather, father-in-law, uncle, uncle, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter, son-in-law)

(5) This year, according to Saudi teachings, only completely healthy people will be eligible for Hajj.

(6) This year, according to Saudi teachings, pilgrims are required to undergo a vaccination/booster dose approved by the Saudi government, otherwise, they will not be eligible for Hajj.

(7) This year, according to Saudi teachings, pilgrims must take a PCR test 72 hours before departure for Hajj.

(8) Women who are more than five months pregnant at the time of departure for Hajj will not be allowed to go for Hajj.

(9) Medical Certificate with Code-19 Crone Vaccine Details must be submitted. Medical Certificate must be certified by Government / Semi-Government / Military / Government Autonomous Institution / Corporation Hospital Doctor. A medical certificate certified by a private doctor will not be accepted. Pilgrims will be barred from going on Hajj if their medical certificate is not in accordance with their health at the time of departure. In addition, in case of any misrepresentation in the medical certificate, the applicant will bear the cost of medical treatment and repatriation of the applicant and may take disciplinary action against the competent doctor/institution issuing the medical certificate.

(10) In case of disability, it is necessary to be accompanied by an assistant. Also, the assistant must travel with the disabled person. Therefore, persons with disabilities must enter the application number of the assistant in the relevant column of their Hajj form who will accompany them on the Hajj journey and take the responsibility of assisting them in performing Hajj rituals.

(11) Persons whose name has been mentioned in BL / ECL and have been banned from traveling by any court will not be allowed to go on Hajj 2022 at all.

Other instructions:

(1) The purpose of forming a group is to ensure that all the members of the group have the same dates of Hajj training, arrival in Hajj camp and departure and return journey of Hajj, as well as accommodation, a school in Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia. And let the rituals of Hajj be together. The group should consist of a maximum of fourteen (14) persons. Family members or close relatives can form a group together. Group applicants can form their own, which is to nominate one person from their group as the group leader.

(2) The group leader can only be an adult male. Applications can also be submitted individually, in which case the lone person will also be considered a group and the applicant will enter his / her application number in the group leader’s column. The place of departure of persons, jurisprudence, bank, bank branch, and request of the group leader must be number one.

(3) Do You Require Shia Facility? Selection of: Applicants belonging to Jaffaria jurisprudence who want to perform Hajj according to the jurisprudential orders of Jaffaria jurisprudence, choose Yes in answer to the question Do Do Require Shia Facility?

(4) In the PLACE OF DEPARTURE box, enter the place from where you are going to leave for Hajj. No change will be made in the place of departure. In case of or due to any technical reasons, these pilgrims will be transferred to any nearby large POD.

(5) Hajj applicants should enter the correct mobile phone number (personal or close relative) and mobile network (Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor, Warid, Zong, etc.) in the application form. On which they can receive SMS or phone call sent by the Ministry. For the message of the Ministry, it is necessary that the mobile number provided should not be changed on any other network.

(6) Write the name, ID card number, and mobile number of any person in the NOMINEE box who is your blood relative who can immediately contact Pakistan or Saudi Arabia in case of any accident or difficult situation. In case of the death of the nominee, only the nominee will be entitled to receive any refund/amount.

(7) In case of failure of the lottery, register your bank account to receive the dues directly in your bank account. In the case of Minor, enter the account number of the husband and wife.

(8) Register Vaccination of Covid with NADRA Certificate.

Eid ul Fitr Public Holidays 2022 Punjab Govt Official Notification

How to apply for Hajj 2022:

  • Those who want to apply for Hajj should deposit Rs. 50,000- PKR in designated banks assigned by the Ministry of Religion.
  • The Hajj is expected to cost around Rs 7 lakh to Rs 1 lakh this year.
  • Applications can be submitted from May 1 to May 13.
  • The rest of the procedure will be the same, the applications received by the ministry with token money will be kept secret by the ministry and the people will be selected through the return process.
  • The person whose Hajj application will be accepted will deposit the remaining amount in the relevant bank.
  • Only 32452 pilgrims will be allowed to go on Hajj on government quota. (40% of total quota).

Government Hajj Scheme 2022 – Apply Online for Hajj Registration 2022

Click Here to Online Apply For Application: 

Instructions for online Applicants for Government Hajj Scheme 2022: View Detail

Medical Certificate for online Applicants for Government Hajj Scheme 2022: View Detail

Official Advertisement of Government Hajj Scheme 2022 | Hajj Applications 2022 Open in Pakistan:

Government Hajj Scheme 2022 | Hajj Applications 2022 Open in Pakistan

How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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