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For India Saudi Arabia Launches New e-Visa

For India Saudi Arabia Launches New e-Visa

Saudi Arabia has started implementing an electronic visa system for visitors from India and other nations, which is a big step towards digital government. The new procedure went into force on May 1 and does away with the conventional visa mark on passports.
Notably, the technique has been put into practice in the Saudi embassies in the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines during its initial phase.
Now that the new e-Visa is in place, all that is required to read the information about the visa is the QR code. In addition to being emailed to registered email addresses, visa information can be printed out on A-4 size paper and used as physical proof of visa. For India Saudi Arabia Launches New e-Visa

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The Vision 2030 initiative’s e-Visa program

The e-visa program is a component of Vision 2030, a strategy for gradually enabling digital governance. The new approach will speed up transparency and shorten the time it takes to process visas. Additionally, it will do away with the requirement that travel brokers sponsor Saudi visas in Mumbai and New Delhi.

New Electronic Visa System for Visitor, Work, and Residence Visas

Travelers from the previously mentioned 7 nations will be able to use the new system to apply for employment, visit, and resident visas using an electronic visa system, from which immigration officials can extract data using a QR scan code.
The procedure for processing visas is anticipated to change significantly as a result of the adjustment. For India Saudi Arabia Launches New e-Visa. 

Saudi Arabian Umrah Visa Extend

To promote tourism and make it simpler for travelers to make the Umrah pilgrimage, Saudi Arabia has made a number of adjustments to its visa policy.
The new regulations allow visa holders to enter and exit the kingdom through all land, air, and sea outlets and increase the duration of the Umrah visa from 30 to 90 days.
Additionally, Saudi nationals can now invite their international acquaintances to travel to the country to do Umrah. This action is anticipated to increase tourism to Saudi Arabia and strengthen ties between locals and their friends abroad.

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Umrah Stopover Transit Visa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also introduced a new stopover transit visa that entitles the holder to conduct Umrah, visit the Mosque of the Prophet, and take part in a number of activities across the country. The four-day transit visa, which has a 90-day validity period, should make it simpler for tourists to Saudi Arabia to participate in religious and cultural events.

Residents of the GCC may obtain a tourist visa to perform Umrah.

In addition, the kingdom has declared that all GCC citizens, regardless of their line of work, are qualified to apply for a tourist visa. More people will be able to conduct Umrah and go to the kingdom thanks to this new regulation, which is anticipated to increase tourism in Saudi Arabia.

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