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DigiSkills Free Online Earning New Courses 2024 by Govt Pakistan

DigiSkills Free Online Earning New Courses 2024 by Govt Pakistan:

Course Enrollments for Batch-07 of DigiSkills 2.0 are Open (First-Come, First-Served Basis). DigiSkills Free Online Earning New Courses 2024 by Govt Pakistan are open for registration now for all the Pakistanis who want to learn real skills to earn online from home. As you know well a lot of people talking about a lot of online earning skills also want to learn but due to the lack of such institutes, there are stuck at this point from where they learn these skills. That is why the Ministry of IT and Telecom on orders of the government of Pakistan in collaboration with Dgiskills starts a lot of Free online earning courses. After Taking these free courses you are able to enter an online marketing place and start earning. Keep reading and enroll in these free courses. And not need to learn skills of online earning. Also Check: 550 Kazakhstan Government Scholarships

The global digital skills industry, often referred to as online outsourcing, is expected to generate total service revenue between $ 15 billion and $ 25 billion by 2020.
Pakistan is the world’s fourth-largest provider of online freelancers with estimated millions of registered online freelancers. Most of the work is for international clients. Therefore, their earnings are brought into the country, especially as foreign remittances. Although accurate data on the amount of money brought in by freelancers is not available, estimates range from $ 500 million to $ 1.3 billion annually.

This amount is only a fraction of the country’s potential as with its large population, growing internet connectivity, broadband access, young and educated youth, thousands of IT graduates, and over one million enrolled university students, Pakistan is free. Can multiply the number of lancers. This will help bring valuable foreign exchange to the country, and more importantly, help reduce unemployment, since the number of new graduates passing through each year is far greater than the number of new jobs created. Is.

This massive National Digital Skills training program has been launched across the country to provide one (1) million future work training using technology. Never miss these chances to learn for free. 

Complete Details of DigiSkills Free Online Earning New Courses 2023 by Govt Pakistan:

  • No. of Courses: 15
  • Total Seats of this Batch:  250,000
  • Organization: DigiSkills
  • Batch No: Training Program 3.0
  • Study Mood: Online from home
  • Funded by: Govt of Pakistan
  • Fee: Free of Cost also Free Certificates
  • Application Open: March 01, 2024.
  • Application Last Date: Open Now

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List of DigiSkills Free Online Earning Courses 2024:

In the last batch total of 10 different courses were offered by digiskills but in this batch, 5 new courses were also offered by the Ministry of information technology and telecom. So now a total of 15 different online earning courses are available.

Who can Enroll for these DigiSkills Free Online Earning Courses 2024:

If you are, then the DigiSkills program is for you.

  • A student who wants an early start in practical life,
  • A housewife who wants to help increase her household income,
  • A freelancer who wants to hone his skills to start earning more from the freelance markets,
  • A professional who wants to open new horizons and offer his services in international markets,
  • Jobseeker but 9 to 5 job is not your piece of cake and you want to be your own boss.

In addition to the aforementioned people, this program is also for every eligible Pakistani who is committed to earning a decent income for their home as well as helping the national economy, sincerely and sincerely.

Why you Need to Join These DigiSkills Free Online Earning Courses:

The  main purpose of these Online courses is to increase:

  • Number of people working as freelancers in the country
  • Number of working hours per freelancer
  • Increase the Earnings/hour or per project for freelancers
  • Household income
  • Financial inclusion
  • IT exports
  • Number of specialists in special skills

Application Last Date: 

  • Registration for the DigiSkills Training Program DigiSkills Training Program has opened enrollments for Batch-07 from March 01, 2024..
  • In the meantime, a total of 250,000 seats will be available, which will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please confirm registration before the available seats expire!
  • Registration will continue untilMarch 31 2024. However, if all the allotted seats are filled before this date, the registration will be closed.

Out of the list of 15 trained courses, one can enroll in 2 courses at a time.

Newly registered trainees must enroll in a freelancing course. They can choose another course of their choice.

Trainees of previous batches are also eligible for admission in 2 courses.

  • Batch-07 will commence from the 25 March (exact date will be announced later).
  • On first day of Batch-06 commencement, you will be able to view the first week contents on our Learning Management System (LMS) by 11:00 AM.

Guideline How to apply for DigiSkills Free Online Earning Courses 2024 by Govt Pakistan:

There are many more processes that will have many benefits for you.

LMS Digiskills Login:

The first step is to register yourself through the Digiskills LMS login window. If you are new to digiskill LMS then you need to submit four basic pieces of information which are given below.

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password

Digiskills Courses material will be available in the LMS portal. All courses are offered online, so you need internet and a laptop/computer at home. Upon successful completion of the course and learning new skills, you can learn as a freelancer on the Internet by providing services in that specific skill. Once you have completed the candidate registration process, the next step is to enroll in free courses.

Digiskills Entry Batch-07:

Enrollment in the DigiSkills program has started. Digiskills gives you the option of two courses at a time that you can choose from. But if you are new then you have to choose the first option freelancing and you can choose the second option from the list given above. The Digiskills portal provides you with 3 main sections whenever you sign up which are given below.

  1. Videos Tutorials / Hands-on Exercises
  2. Practical Assignments
  3. Quiz
  • Learn How to use LMS for Course completion: Click here

Digiskills Videos / Exercises on hand:

Free videos are automatically published on a weekly basis whenever you register with Digiskills courses. These are mainly hand exercises for students. You should set a timetable to watch these videos on a daily basis otherwise you will face many loads at a time.

Digiskills Assignments:

You are providing assignments approximately 15 days after the course as the course will be completed in 3 months. There are 10 marks in each assignment and you have to get about 7 marks out of 10 marks.

Digiskills Quiz:

With assignments, Digiskills offers you a quiz after every 15 days of video lectures. The quiz pattern is quite simple because when you watch and listen to videos and write notes in the diary you can get high marks in the Digiskills quiz. Each quiz has 10 numbers. You have to get 7 marks.

Digiskills E-Certificate (Course Completion Standard):

It’s very easy when you complete the course Digiskills gives you an e-certificate as a reward. But it is important to understand that you must complete the course successfully. Now learn what the standard of the course is.

All trainees must have a score of at least 50% to be eligible for the e-certificate. The total score for all videos, quizzes, and hands-on exercises is 100:

  • Watching Topic videos via Digi Skills LMS = 60%
  • Quiz = 25%
  • Hand-on exercises = 15%

Click Here to Register For Free Courses

Official Digiskills Website

How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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