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12 Delft University of Technology Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Netherlands

12 Delft University of Technology Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Netherlands

12 Delft University of Technology Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Netherlands are Open right now for all International applicants who want to pursue their Doctoral Degree abroad. Applications are accepted from all over the world for Fully Funded Fellowships who want to pursue their career in different fields with completely free Projects of Postdoctoral degrees at UT Delft. Also, Visit: 10 Ph.D. Degree Scholarships at ETH Zurich in Switzerland are Fully Funded

The Government of the Netherlands offers a lot of Fellowships for International Students and UT Delft Scholarships are also one of the best scholarships for the Postdoctrate Degree Program. The Fully and Partially Funded Fellowship covers all expenses while studying in the Netherlands. Apply for:

The Delft University of Technology is one of the best Universities founded in 1842 and situated in Delft, Netherlands. The Delft University of Technology  is ranked 169th according to the Global Ranking of Universities. According to the QS World Ranking Of Universities, the ranking of this University is 47th Number. The Delft University of Technology is an international standard University providing Quality environments to Researchers worldwide. Never miss this opportunity to study for free in the Netherlands. Full Details of the Postdoc Fellowships are in the below lines:

Details of  12 Delft University of Technology Postdoctoral Fellowships:

  • Name of University: Delft University of Technology
  • Offered Degree: Postdoctoral
  • Eligibility: International
  • Country: Netherlands
  • No. of Positions: 12
  • Deadline: Open Now

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(01) Postdoc-Optical Nanoscopy:

Deadline: Open Now

When studying subcellular structures and functions in molecular biology, optical nanoscopy is a super-resolution microscopy technique that uses fluorescent markers that have been selectively targeted. In comparison to traditional diffraction-restricted microscopy, which has a resolution of about 250 nm, localization microscopy has a resolution of about 10 to 50 nm. The goal of this project is to further push the resolution of an optical light microscope approaching 1 nm. The researcher will collaborate with an experimentalists’ and theorists’ team with the shared objective of imaging at the nanoscale scale. She or he will work on parameter estimates and image formation simulation/theory. The so-called 4pi microscope, which allows one to determine the axial position of a single emitter with sub-nanometer accuracy, is the foundation for the description of picture generation.

Apply Here 

(02) Postdoc-Optical Nanoscopy at Cryogenic Temperatures:

Deadline: Open Now

Molecular biology researchers can examine subcellular architecture and function using optical nanoscopy, a super-resolution microscopy technique. Particularly when compared to traditional diffraction-limited microscopy’s 250 nm resolution limit, localization microscopy delivers a resolution of about 10 to 50 nm. The goal of this project is to further push the optical light microscope’s resolution toward 1 nm. The researcher will collaborate with a group of theorists and experimentalists with the shared objective of creating images at the nanoscale scale. She or he will carry out investigations using cryo fluorescence microscopy as an experimentalist. We will employ a so-called 4pi configuration with two conflicting purposes to produce extremely high spatial resolutions from single molecule emitters in 3D.

Apply Here

(03)  Post-doctoral position in yeast synthetic biology:

Deadline: Open Now

We have an opening for a postdoc position that will concentrate on using yeast’s amazing homologous recombination to create synthetic cells. Your participation in the national NWO Gravitation project BaSyC (https://www.basyc.nl/), which aims to create synthetic cells from inert components, will be important. You will collaborate closely with the research groups of Dr. Nico Claassens and Prof. John van der Oost from Wageningen University at the intersection of yeast and bacterial synthetic biology. You will research the possibilities of the yeast Saccharomyces in this assignment.

Apply Here

(04) Postdoc-Tensor Decomposition for Efficient Neural Networks:

Deadline: Open Now

The Delft Centre for Systems and Control (DCSC) and the Intelligent Vehicles group at TU Delft are looking for a PostDoc who is interested in performing foundational research on Tensor Decomposition for effective Deep Learning. For real-world applications like self-driving cars, cutting inference time without losing accuracy is essential as neural networks get bigger and more powerful. An approach that shows promise for neural network compression is tensor decomposition. It compresses the model by lowering the rank of high-dimensional weight tensors, which lowers the number of parameters. Similar to this, contemporary research on the specifications of neural networks emphasizes effective ways for introducing sparsity, such as structured sparsity patterns, channel pruning, and group sparsity. These techniques seek to increase compression ratios while minimizing the effect on performance and accuracy.

Apply Here

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(05) Postdo-Nonlinear dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy:

Deadline: Open Now

Society has ever-increasing demands on coatings and paints, from civil infrastructure to aeronautical structures where new generation wood coatings are needed to promote wood as a low-carbon, fully renewable building material. Durable coatings minimize the need for aircraft repair. However, there are two key factors that make the development of lasting coatings difficult: Inadequate inspection techniques that prolong the durability evaluation process; a lack of knowledge and awareness of the microstructural characteristics of coatings both before and after aging processes. To overcome these difficulties, we intend to characterize the properties of viscoelastic materials utilizing Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) measurements and data-driven nonlinear dynamic techniques.

Apply Here

(06) Postdoc-Ultrasound imaging of intraosseous blood flow in the human knee:

Deadline: 01st August 2023

The Department of Imaging Physics at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands is accepting applications for a 2-year post-doctoral appointment. According to common belief, we recently showed that ultrasound can both scan the cortex of long bones and detect pulsatile blood flow within cortical bone tissue. The Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and the Laboratoire d’Imagerie Biomédicale at the Sorbonne Université in Paris, France, are also participants in this multinational effort.

Apply Here

(07) Postdoc-BioToHydRow:

Deadline: 10th July 2023

For an 18-month contract, we are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to create linked musculoskeletal and hydrodynamic models, run cutting-edge simulations, and gather experimental data to determine model parameters and assess model precision. Our goal is to create a rowing simulation environment that will allow us to optimize athlete technique and improve oar, blade, and oarlock design to maximize efficiency at high speeds. A Cohesion grant from the TU Delft departments of Process & Energy and Biomechanical Engineering is funding your project. Under the direction of Ajay Seth and Arnoud Greidanus, respectively, you will participate in the Computational Biomechanics Lab and the Fluid Mechanics Lab at the same time.

Apply Here

(08) Postdoc-Orbital Angular Momentum using Artificial Intelligence:

Deadline: 05th July 2023

You are going to work with 11 other European partners on the SEQUOIA project as an element of your position. Its goal is to exhibit the best resolution OCT system ever created in a practical application—retinal imaging—while shielding from outside noise by AI-based management of OAM.

Apply Here

(09) Postdoc-Multi-Sensor Machine Learning:

Deadline: 12th July 2023

One of the main frontiers of contemporary artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of robots to understand how people act in the actual world. Unfortunately, creating systems to infer intents receives very little attention. Those who assert to do so are categorizing them by looking ahead. They are unable to recognize unintended consequences or unrealized aims, which is a concern. Because conclusions must be justified in light of the situational context, intention estimate is incredibly difficult. In order to learn narratives of intention from many points of view in authentic, ecologically sound social contexts, such as social networking events, this research proposes a unique framework and learning methodologies.

Apply Here

(10) Postdoc-Fabrication and characterization of neural interfaces for multimodal relation with brain tissue:

Deadline: Open Now

You will manage research efforts to develop, make, assess, and enhance the functionality of neural interfaces based on graphene for multimodal interaction with brain tissue. You will be a part of the dynamic community of emerging scientists working on the 10-year Dutch Brain Interfaces Initiative (DBI2) project, which is supported by the Ministry of Education, culture, and Science of the Netherlands’ “Gravitation” initiative. In order to better understand how each component of the brain, from neuron to brain region, interacts with the rest of the brain and with the outside world, the project aims to bring together a large and diverse Dutch consortium with expertise in neuroscience, neurotechnology, and computer science.

Apply Here

(11) Postdoc-Aircraft Maintenance Planning:

Deadline: 23rd July 2023

A study project that aspires to change the aviation industry into a sustainable and clean sector includes this postdoctoral research position. The BrightSky initiative, a Dutch partnership between businesses, educational institutions, and information centers, aims to spur innovation and have a good influence on a variety of industries at and surrounding the airport, including airplane maintenance. You will be able to put your modeling expertise, understanding of aircraft maintenance and operation, collaborative abilities, and capacity for ground-breaking research and innovation to use as a postdoctoral researcher on this project. You will be motivated by the opportunity to work directly with problem owners and research partners who have devoted years to this research field while working closely with a dynamic team in a real-world setting.

Apply Here

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(12) Postdoc-Edge-AI-assisted Modern Phenotyping:

Deadline: 31st July 2023

Precision agriculture, which uses artificial intelligence and sensor technology to power automated agricultural processes and choices, has been shown to have significant potential to increase production, efficiency, and transparency in the industry. For instance, real-time collaborative data collection and crop health monitoring can be done automatically in greenhouses utilizing portable devices and autonomous robots. Although AI has demonstrated promise in a variety of context-sensing activities, a number of research obstacles must be overcome before the technology can fully realize its potential for automated tracking of crops.

Apply Here

How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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