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Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 in China

Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 in China:

Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarships 2024 in China is Open to all International applicants who desire to get higher education abroad. Students accepted from all over the globe for Fully Funded Scholarships who want to complete their Research programs and Ph.D. Programs. Almost all the subjects and specializations such as Agriculture, Art, Biology, Engineering, Economics, and Science are offered. Check uLesson Fully Funded Graduate Trainee Program 2023 in Nigeria

All international students are eligible for the Fully Funded Confucius Institute Scholarship in China. More than 150 Chinese universities offer courses in Chinese language and culture. Confucius Institute Scholarships are available for specific Ph.D. studies, research stays, international conference participation, and Chinese language and culture courses. These scholarships are quite popular among students worldwide. The Confucius Institute is a government organization whose mission is to spread knowledge of the Chinese language and culture around the world. Visit: Griffith University Scholarships 2023-24 in Australia Fully Funded

Confucius Institutes are public educational and cultural promotion programs now financed and organized by the Chinese International Education Foundation, a government-organized non-governmental organization (GONGO) under the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Education. The complete details of the Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 in China are below here:

Complete Overview of the Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 in China:

  • Scholarship Award: Fully Funded
  • Degrees Offered: Research Programs & PhD
  • Host Organization: Confucius Institute
  • Host Country: China
  • Application Last Date: 1st November 2023

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Scholarship Support:

The Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarship in China will cover

  • tuition and lodging (in a university residence, in a room shared with another person), as well as basic medical insurance and a monthly allowance for personal costs, which will be distributed as follows:
    • 2,500 Yuan ($350 USD) per month for BTCSOL or Chinese language and culture courses.
    • 3,000 Yuan per month for MTCSOL students (about 420 USD per month).
  • The notion of scholarship holders living off campus (rather than in university residences) has recently been examined. In such instances, the Confucius Institute provides 700 Yuan per month (in addition to the monthly allowance) to help with renting costs.

In the event of multi-year scholarships, the Confucius Institute analyses the qualifications gained by the beneficiaries on an annual basis, demanding outstanding performance in order to extend the overall financing for the following year. If the student’s achievements are below the national average, the Confucius Institute will not renew the scholarship or, in some situations, will only provide partial funding (which covers all expenses save the monthly stipend for personal expenses). Depending on your place of origin, the Confucius Institute will additionally cover the costs of your international flight to and from China.

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Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must not be of Chinese origin and enjoy good health.
  • If you plan to study in China for more than six months, you must demonstrate that you are in good physical and mental health in order to obtain a residency permit.
  • You will need to present a duly completed copy of the official Chinese medical form or Foreigner Physical Examination Form after you get to your destination university (this is not a needed document during the application period).
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 35 (the age limit is raised to 45 for those who demonstrate that they are working as Chinese teachers at the time of application).
  • It is required to have a degree in Chinese language. This varies depending on the type of scholarship. For example, to be eligible for a scholarship to study Chinese language and culture, you must have a minimum of 180 points in the written HSK3 and a minimum of 60 points in the oral HSK.
  • The diploma and academic record of undergraduate studies must be sent in order to be considered for the MTCSOL award. In order to be eligible for the BTCSOL scholarship or Chinese language courses, you must have finished your high school education. If you do not have this paperwork in either English or Chinese, you must provide a sworn translation in either language.
  • A letter of recommendation for scholarship applicants who intend to study a Chinese course or BTCSOL, and two letters of recommendation for MTCSOL scholarship applicants. The letters must be signed by the person in charge of the Confucius Institute where you applied for the scholarship.
  • For the MTCSOL scholarship, applicants who indicate that they will be working as Chinese language professors after completing their master’s degree studies in China will be given preference.

Necessary Documents:

  • The Highest Degree Transcript
  • CV / Resume
  • Passport size photograph
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Application Form
  • A motivational letter or Statement of purpose.
  • A valid passport

Application Last Date:

The last date to apply online for the Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 in China is the 1st of November 2023. Visit the link here: List Of Top 10 Universities In Switzerland To Study Without IELTS

Guidelines on How to Submit an Application for the Confucius Institute Fully Funded Scholarship 2024 in China:

Please follow the steps below to apply for a Confucius Institute Scholarship:

  • Application deadline: Until the beginning of May (typically day 1) if you want to start in September, or until the beginning of November if you want to start in March.
  • Application delivery: If you are a Confucius Institute student (perfect for applying for this grant), contact the scholarship coordinator. The application must be done online on the official page of the Confucius Institute scholarships (all documents, including your passport and a passport-size photo, must be scanned).
  • Then you must provide all of the necessary paper documents (ideally certified copies, as they will not be returned). The person in charge of your Confucius Institute’s scholarships will be responsible for mailing them to the headquarters of Hanban (the Confucius Institute’s central office in China). If you are not a student of the Confucius Institute, you can apply online and send your documents to the nearest Confucius Institute, a Chinese embassy or consulate in your country, or some exam centers or educational institutions affiliated with Hanban.
  • Sending documents for visa processing: The essential documents for visa processing are mailed within 15 days of the result’s publication. I encourage patience at this point in the procedure because you may have to wait more than a month to obtain the letter.

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How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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