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Canadian Work Visa for Drivers | 6700$ CAD Monthly Salary

Canadian Work Visa for Drivers | 6700$ CAD Monthly Salary:

Canadian Work Visa for Drivers | 6700$ CAD Monthly Salary is the best guideline for those who want to pursue their career in Canada.

In Canada, a full 8-hour workday for a month of taxi driving might bring in up to $6700 CAD.

However, qualifications include having a valid Canadian LTV driving permit and being at least somewhat fluent in either French or English.

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What is Work Visa for Canada?

An important document granted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that enables anyone, including Pakistanis and other foreign nationals, to work lawfully in Canada for a certain amount of time is known as a Canadian work visa or permit. It’s vital to remember that a work visa just allows admission or re-entry into Canada; a work permit allows you to work there.

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Introducing the Driver Pay in Canada;

The rich salary potential is one reason to take this professional choice into consideration in Canada.

According to recent research, Canadian taxi drivers earn a respectable salary that ranges from CAD$3000-$6700 a month with a full-time commitment for a complete month.

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List of Varying Salaries of Taxi Drivers;

Here is a detailed analysis of taxi driver salaries in 2023 for every area of Canada.

  • Quebec 

Salary Per Hour: 15.25 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 3660 CAD

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Salary Per Hour: 14.98 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 3595 CAD

  • Alberta

Salary Per Hour: 21.37 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 5100 CAD

  • Nunavut

Salary Per Hour: 28.14 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 6750 CAD

  • Nova Scotia

Salary Per Hour: 14.5 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 3480 CAD

  • British Columbia

Salary Per Hour: 19.23 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 4615 CAD

  • Ontario

Salary Per Hour: 16.67 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 3990 CAD

  • Manitoba

Salary Per Hour: 14.15 CAD

Salary Per Month (8 hours/day): 3396 CAD

Requirements for a Driving Position in Canada;

To begin with, you must take the IELTS test and obtain a minimum CLB score of 4 in order to be qualified to apply for a driving position in Canada for immigration purposes.

You have the option of taking the CELPIP French language competence test instead of the IELTS. Following completion of this step, you will need to take a free online educational credential examination (ECA).

To apply for driving positions in Canada in 2023 with a work visa, additional qualifications include having completed at least 3 months of vocational driving training, having a good driving record supported by demonstrable work experience, having a clean criminal and medical background, and possessing a current international driving license.

List of High-Demanding Driver Jobs in Canada; 

Here is the list of different driver jobs in Canada.

  • Taxicab driver
  • Funeral chauffeur
  • Limousine driver
  • Private household chauffeur
  • Long vehicle driver
  • Ambulance driver
  • Airport limousine driver
  • Hearse driver
  • Route driver
  • Taxi owner-operator
  • Private chauffeur
  • Funeral driver
  • Company chauffeur
  • Taxi driver
  • Bus driver
  • Small van driver
  • Truck driver5

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How to Apply for Canadian Work Visa for Drivers;

The procedure is fairly simple. Simply input the appropriate NOC codes when searching for positions like a driver, taxi driver, limousine driver, or chauffeur on the Canadian immigration site.

This will provide you with a list of opportunities that are open in Canada, which you can then apply for by sending in your resume.

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How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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