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Best And Cheapest Countries For Your Permanent Residency

Best And Cheapest Countries For Your Permanent Residency:

These Best And Cheapest Countries For Your Permanent Residency are excellent choices for all ex-pats who want to move abroad.

By obtaining special visas in these ten countries, you may purchase citizenship at discounted costs. For investors with a golden passport or visa, the situation is quite advantageous.

List of Cheapest Countries;

Here are the TEN best and cheapest countries for permanent citizenship of ex-pats.

  • Panama:

Henley & Partners offers two different investor visas that may be used to get residency in Panama.

A fantastic opportunity, the Panama Reforestation Visa Programme requires investors to contribute $40,000 to the reforestation project.

The Qualified Investor Programme enables investors to get a permanent residency by making a fixed bank deposit of $750,000, a $500,000 stock market investment, or a $30,000 real estate purchase.

  • Latvia:

Investors in Latvia have three options for obtaining citizenship under the Latvia Golden Visa program, which was created by Henley & Partners. A €60,000 minimum investment would be required.

  1. With a state budget of €38,000, special purpose interest-free bonds worth €250,000 are purchased.
  2. Put €10,000 into the state budget and €50,000 into the equity capital of a Latvian business.
  3. Investment of €25,000 into the state budget together with a 5-year, €280,000 subordinated capital commitment at a Latvian bank.

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  • Thailand:

The “Elite Visa” membership program enables qualifying foreign investors to enter Thailand with a golden visa. With a Privilege Entry Visa card, investors may obtain a visa valid for up to 20 years. There are eight distinct card types available, ranging from the Elite Flexible Card to the Ultimate Privilege Card, each with a unique length.

Thailand Privilege Card Co., a travel company, manages the program. With a minimum application cost of $19,000, you can obtain your visa.

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  • Portugal:

The Federal Immigration Agency of Portugal provides eight options for requesting residence.

  1. Produce ten job possibilities.
  2. Deposit of €1 million in a Portuguese bank account.
  3. Acquiring property for at least €500,000.
  4. Spend €350,000 on real estate that is 30 years old or located in urban redevelopment regions.
  5. Donate €350,000 to a project that has been authorized for scientific study.
  6. Invest €250,000 in a project that promotes the arts or cultural heritage.
  7. A capital transfer deposit of €350,000 is required for the purchase of venture capital fund units or investment funds.
  8. Investing €350,000 in a company headquarters in Portugal that has the potential to provide 5 long-term jobs.

  • North Macedonia:

Either spends €200,000 in a private investment fund or €400,000 in ‘new facilities’ to apply for residence in North Macedonia. There are no restaurants or shopping malls in the alternative.

  • Nevis and St. Kitts:

Apply for a citizenship permit in St. Kitts and Nevis using the methods listed below.

  1. Spend $150,000 on the Sustainable Growth Fund, which supports a range of initiatives in the fields of healthcare, education, and climate change.
  2. Another chance is to put $175,000 into the Alternative Investment Option.
  3. Another option is to put $200,000 into a legitimate real estate venture.

  • Grenada:

In Grenada, there are two ways to obtain a resident permit.

The investors have two options:

They either invest $150,000 in the nation’s Transformation Fund or spend at least $220,000 on a home. But with the latter, it takes four years before the property may be sold.

  • Dominica:

According to the Commonwealth of Dominica’s government, investors may choose from one of the two options.

  1. Purchasing a piece of land in a permitted development for $200,000.
  2. The least expensive choice is to put $100,000 into the Economic Development Fund.

  • Barbuda and Antigua:

You can choose from one of the three options to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

  1. The least expensive method is to put $100,000 into the National Development Fund.
  2. Another choice is to invest $400,000 with a $30,000 processing fee in official real estate.
  3. The most costly way to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda is to invest at least $1.5 million in a licensed firm together with a $30,000 fee.
  • Saint Lucia:

According to the Investment Migration Council, St. Lucia, there are four investment options available.

  1. Donate $100,000 to the national economic fund of the nation. Another choice is to buy a property that costs a minimum of $300,000.
  2. Investing at least $3.5 million in a business venture, such as a restaurant, construction project, etc.
  3. Another option is to purchase at least $500,000 worth of government bonds.

By using the techniques listed above, potential investors can get residence in these ten countries.

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