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ARMACO Chemical Processes Systems | Job Opportunity in KSA

ARMACO Chemical Processes Systems | Job Opportunity in KSA:

You must check for ARMACO Chemical Processes Systems | Job Opportunity in KSA if you want to pursue your career with attractive salaries in KSA.

A well-known company called Armaco is renowned for its innovative chemical process systems. Armaco, which strongly emphasizes development and sustainability, has transformed multiple sectors with its revolutionary technologies and practical solutions.

There are multiple job openings in Armaco with an attractive salary of up to 6000 SAR.

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Details of ARMACO Chemical Processes Systems:

Methodology Layout;

Armaco takes a careful approach to process design to maximize both productivity and product quality. To create solutions that are specifically suited to the sector’s needs, their team of specialists performs significant study and analysis. Armaco makes sure that its process designs are both ecologically friendly and commercially successful by taking into account elements like raw material availability, energy usage, and waste management.

Systems for Reactions;

Reactor systems made by Armaco have led in terms of technology. These systems’ exact control over temperature, pressure, and reaction kinetics allows them to support a variety of chemical reactions. Reactors manufactured by Armaco are renowned for their dependability, scalability, and safety features, making them appropriate for various uses in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and polymer sectors.

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Development and Research;

Armaco makes significant investments in D&R to stay on the leading end of chemical process technology. To promote innovation and create novel approaches, their committed D&R team works with professionals from the industry, academic institutions, and research organizations. Armaco seeks to address new difficulties, enhance current procedures, and launch revolutionary technologies by persistently exploring possibilities.

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List of Job Opportunities at ARMACO;

Here is the list of proposed jobs:


  • Eligibility Criteria
  1. BS Chemical Engineering
  2. Minimum 10 Years of Experience in the refining and petrochemicals industries
  3. Minimum 5 Years of Experience in project management
  • Job Duties
  1. Execute capital projects efficiently
  2. To ensure proper project execution
  3. Give safety measures a high priority
  4. Include corporate goals and operational procedures
  5. Adopt and abide by the company’s KPIs
  6. Analyze monthly project performance reports
  7. Prepare relevant paperwork

Senior Operation Engineer;

  • Eligibility Criteria
  1. BS Chemical Engineering
  2. Minimum 15 Years of Experience in the refining and petrochemicals industries
  3. Minimum 3 Years of Experience in linear programming and economic modeling
  • Job Duties
  1. Extensive knowledge of the hydrogen production process and related technologies
  2. Create operational risk management plans
  3. Ensure operational readiness
  4. Review and update redline drawings
  5. Provide technical support for capital projects

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Field Safety Advisor;

  • Eligibility Criteria
  1. BS Engineering, Safety Engineering, Industrial Hygiene or Environmental Science
  2. Minimum 12 Years of Experience in heavy construction safety
  3. Knowledge in delivering practical health, and environmental training
  4. Ability to contribute to the development of comprehensive health and safety programs
  • Job Duties
  1. Key performance indicators should be monitored
  2. Program development and delivery
  3. Provide direction and assistance to department staff
  4. Recognize and evaluate potentially dangerous procedures
  5. Surveys should be conducted
  6. Plan and execute on-site inspections
  7. Advice and direction on following business safety policies

Website Content Manager;

  • Eligibility Criteria
  1. BS Marketing, CS, Communications, or Information Systems
  2. Minimum 5 Years of Experience in editing or managing content
  3. Excellent skills in English content
  4. Exceptional Arabic content skills
  5. Attention to detail, responsibility, accountability, self-motivation, and organizational skills
  6. Experience in developing online content
  • Job Duties
  1. Posting content and conducting quality checks on the website’s content
  2. Using technical problem-solving abilities
  3. Assessing usability fixes for the website and mobile apps
  4. Providing information on how to operate a website
  5. Coordinating and managing several online projects at once

Chemical Manufacturing Specialist;

  • Eligibility Criteria
  1. BS Chemical Engineering
  2. Minimum of 15 Years of Experience in manufacturing engineering
  3. Comprehensive understanding of plant operations
  4. Working knowledge of chemical markets and dynamics
  • Job Duties
  1. Exhaustive readiness evaluation across all LTC projects
  2. Successful staffing and development strategy
  3. Construction of control mechanisms and internal assessment processes
  4. Locating and comprehending process interactions

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How to Apply Complete step by Step Process:

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