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A Complete Guide to Simple Job Application Email Templates for Newcomers

A Complete Guide to Simple Job Application Email Templates for Newcomers

It can be difficult to get your first job as a new graduate, especially if you have little to no previous experience writing a job application email. Your chances of getting an interview increase when you send a well-written job application email to the hiring manager.
In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of writing a successful job application email, offer three samples for beginners, and provide helpful advice to make your email stand out. A Complete Guide to Simple Job Application Email Templates for Newcomers 

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Simple Job Application Email Templates for Beginners – Basics of Writing a Job Application Email

1. Subject line: Capturing the Recruiter’s Attention

1. The significance of a precise and clear subject line: A recruiter initially notices the subject line. Make sure it is clear, precise, and pertinent to the post for which you are applying.

2. What makes a subject line effective?

Include your name, the job title, and an identifier (such as “Fresher” or “Recent Graduate”) along with a brief description of your major qualification.

Subject line examples include:

  • John Smith, a Fresher, is applying for a position as a Software Developer.
  • Jane Doe, Recent Graduate, Application for Marketing Assistant

2. Email salutation Speaking to the recipient

  1. Using the correct greeting: Start your letter with a formal salutation, such as “Dear,” then list the recipient’s name and position (for example, “Dear Mr. Johnson” or “Dear Ms. Smith”).
  2. The significance of customizing the greeting:  Making the greeting unique demonstrates that you have done your homework on the receiver and creates a good first impression.
  3. Finding the name and position of the recipient: On the job posting or the organization’s website, look for the hiring manager’s name. If you are unable to locate the person’s name, use a general salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear [Department] team.

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3. Email content creating a favorable impression

1. Please introduce yourself: Include your name and the reason for the email in the opening paragraph (for example, “My name is John Smith, and I am writing to apply for the position of Software Developer at XYZ Company”).
2. highlighting essential abilities and credentials: Mention your educational history, pertinent courses, internships, or projects that show off your expertise.
3. Expressing motivation and zeal: Describe your love for the business or the industry, as well as how the position fits with your professional aspirations.

4. Freshers Job Application Email Samples

An example of a beginning software developer

Subject: Application for Fresher Software Developer at ABC Tech by Michael Brown

Dear Ms. Johnson,

My name is Michael Brown, and I’m writing to apply for the ABC Tech Software Developer position that was posted on the careers page of your business. I am confident in my abilities to contribute to your development team as a recent XYZ University Computer Science graduate with a solid background in programming languages like Java, Python, and C++. I am sure I can add something to your development team.

I finished a six-month internship at DEF Software while I was a student at XYZ University. I was part of a team that created a web application utilizing Java and Spring Boot. I was able to enhance my grasp of Agile approaches and obtain practical experience in software development thanks to this opportunity.

Because of ABC Tech’s reputation for promoting innovation and its dedication to employee growth, I am particularly drawn to the company. The chance to work on innovative initiatives and gain knowledge from accomplished experts in the sector excites me.

I’ve attached my résumé for your evaluation. I’m eager to get the chance to go into further detail about how my abilities and interests fit ABC Tech’s requirements. I appreciate your taking a look at my application.

Sincerely, Michael

Example 2: Marketing employee

Subject: Sarah Johnson, a recent graduate, submitted an application to work as a marketing assistant at Creative Solutions.

Dear Mr. Thompson

I’m Sarah Johnson, and I just earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from ABC University. I’m eager to apply for the Marketing Assistant position at Creativity Solutions. I am a strong candidate for this position because of my academic background and my experience working on numerous marketing-related tasks during my internship.

I worked as an intern at a neighborhood marketing firm when I was a student at ABC University, helping to create social media content and promotional emails for various clients. In addition, I finished a semester-long project for a nearby company that involved researching consumer trends; as a result, sales rose by 15%. I’ve been able to hone my analytical, teamwork, and communication skills thanks to these experiences.

I am particularly drawn to Creative Solutions because of its cutting-edge marketing tactics and customer-centered philosophy. I think my experience and passion for marketing make me a significant addition to your team, and I’m excited to help your clients succeed.

I’ve attached my résumé for your evaluation. I would value the chance to go into further detail about my qualifications. I appreciate your taking a look at my application.

best wishes Christina Johnson

5. Guidelines for Improving Your Job Application Email

  1. A detailed investigation of the business: To show that you are genuinely interested in the position and the firm, do some research on its mission, values, and most current news.
  2. Making each job application email unique: Make sure to address the qualifications and experiences that are most pertinent to the specific job criteria in your email.
  3. For grammar and spelling mistakes, proofread and edit: Incorrect information in your email can give the recruiter the wrong impression. Before sending your email, use a grammar and spellchecker or have someone else proofread it.
  4. Requesting advice from mentors or seasoned experts: To acquire insightful suggestions on how to enhance your job application email, seek help from experts in your sector or from your network.
  5. Including all required documents (such as a resume and cover letter): As stated in the job description, make sure you send all necessary documents in the right format.

6. Maintaining Contact with Your Job Application

  1. The significance of following up:  A follow-up email to the recruiter shows that you are still interested in the job and serves to remind them of your application.
  2.  When and how often to send follow-up emails: After submitting your application, give it seven to ten days before following up with an email. Avert sending several follow-up emails quickly.
  3. Making a courteous and expert follow-up email: Your follow-up email should be brief, cordial, and businesslike. Ask about the progress of your application and express your interest in the job.
  4. follow-up email example for new graduates


Freshmen must create an effective job application email if they want to stand out from the crowd and land interviews. You may write a strong email for a job application that highlights your abilities, interests, and potential by following the instructions and advice in this blog post.

Keep in mind to professional follow up on your application, thoroughly study the firm, and customize your email for each application. Wishing you luck while you look for work!

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